Saturday, May 2, 2009

Celebrate the Ordinary

So glad that I have entered the world of blogging. In the last few days I have enjoyed scanning several different blogs and it is truly amazing how much time and energy that people put into their sites. It is just a whole world of gifted people that are sharing their talents and loves for all of us to enjoy. Now to find the time to enjoy these sites. That is what I tried to do today was just celebrate the ordinary. After a hectic week of dealing with people that have committed the most horrendous crimes I need a day like this just enjoying the simple things in life. Sitting on my front porch swing and watching the birds, squirrels, cats and butterflies all busy watching out for their families except for the cats who were being lazier than me.

Sitting on my swing and just taking in life I did realize that the last few days I have not been myself and I needed that time to sit there and relax and give thanks to God for all the simple and ordinary things that I take for granted every day. What brought all this on was Thursday morning I had to book in a young lady that had shot her boyfriend in the head while he slept. Working in law enforcement you never know what your day will bring but here was a beautiful young woman who took a life and I was witnessing the after effects. My heart was breaking for the young mans family who would soon get the phone call and watching this young lady realize the consequences of what she had done was also heartbreaking. To listen to her phone conversations with her teenage daughter telling her she was sorry for ruining her life and so the day went for twelve hours. Then another young woman turns herself in and tells me she has the swine flu so by then I was ready find an exit out of the building. Just the week before I had to deal with a young man who had killed his girlfriend so no one else could have her so I think my spending most of the afternoon just celebrating the ordinary is something that we may all need to do now and then.

While doing my connecting back to good things in life I did make the decesion to start volunteering on some of my days off. Fifteen years ago I had breast cancer and during my treatments I found a place in heaven in the middle of nowhere not far from where I live. Have you ever heard of TheInternational Festival Hall at Round Top. Located in historic Round Top, Texas, The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts and its sole project, The International Festival-Institute at Round Top, were founded in 1971 by world-renowned concert pianist James Dick. Begun with a handful of gifted young pianists in rented space on the town square, the project is now an internationally acclaimed European-styled music institute for aspiring young musicians and distinguished faculty.Over a thirty eight year period and with the help of its patrons and friends, The James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts has developed superb year round education and performance programs. It has created also an unique 210-acre campus - Festival Hill - containing major performance facilities, historic houses, extensive gardens, parks and nature preserves. Through its singular collection of rare books, manuscripts, archival material, music and historic recordings, photographs and objects, the Festival-Institute is also known as an important center for research and scholarly study. The buildings and grounds are beautiful and so during my treatments I would stroll with my ex (husband then) and sometimes we would take a quilt and have a picnic while listening to the concerts. On some occassions we took our bicycle for two and rode around the grounds. It helped save my life and so now I would like to give something back to this foundation by volunteering.

I emailed them and they were more than happy to have me and so on my next day off Wednesday I am going to visit with them and hopefully sign up for whatever they need me to do.
If your ever in the area you have to make this a must see. Visit there site and see where I will be working . This is a postive step for me because after twenty years in law enforcement I need a place like this to go to.


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