Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots Of Prayers Needed

Isn't this the cutest picture of my two grandbabies, Kaci and Bailey. This was taken last year at Halloween. This year for Halloween they will not be trick or treating but will be walking for the cure 09 in Austin,Texas for the Juvenile Diabetes Association. As I mentioned in my last post my heart is breaking for Kaci because of her being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of seven. She will be insulin dependent the rest of her life. On top of this, I found out yesterday that she may have another disease and will be tested for it tomorrow. Her doctor is checking her for the celiac disease. I have never heard of it and was shocked when my son wrote me. He and his wife are both having a very hard time coping with the diabetes but now if the doctors are right, my poor Kaci will be dealing with another disease. She will not only be on a strict diet for diabetes but she will be on a glutin free diet. My heart is really hurting tonight thinking what they might find. So please join me praying for my Kaci that they will not find this too wrong with her. What a sweet darling little girl she is and how terrible for her if she does have to deal with this other along with the diabetes.


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