Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Prayers Were Answered Praise God!

Thank you so much everyone for all your prayers for my little granddaughter, Kaci. In a earlier post I had talked of her being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at only seven years old and then a month later the doctors tested her for two other diseases both would have been devastating to go along with already her diabetes but God answered all of our prayers and both test were negative for now. I can not tell you how relieved and happy that all of us are and so thankful for all of your prayers and helpful talks and emails. What a blessing! Thank you Jesus.
So if any of you out there need me to list someone on here to be prayed for just let me know because I am a witness that prayers do work and they are answered.
We will just keep praying that each day brings her closer to them finding a cure for this disease. Please click on my Juvenile Diabetes button and for every click money is donated.
May God Bless all of you today and everyday.


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