Tuesday, October 13, 2009



As most of us know it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks to God I am one of the lucky ones and survived my Breast Cancer. I can remember it so well when the doctors and nurses surrounded my husband and myself and gave us the news. It was like someone had pierced me with something sharp in my chest. They started explaining what their plans for me and I sat there looking at them but not sure how much of it I retained. The word Cancer just kept going through my brain and finally we left there and I remember that my husband stopped at a Wolfs Nursery on the way home because that had been our plans before the news but all I could think of was I had cancer.

After the shock wore off I went to our small public library and checked out every book that they had on the subject. I had made up my mind that when I met with the cancer doctors on that Monday that I would know the questions I needed answers too. Doing my research was by far one of the smartest things I have to give myself credit for. It surprised my doctor and the surgeons that in two days I had did some work on finding out what I could about Breast Cancer. So ladies and men if it ever happens to you please do your homework because if I had not did it they would have taken my left breast. Everything I read and all the questions I ask them were answered the same way. My chances were the same with having my breast removed as to keeping it. So I made the decision to keep it and have treatments. I did have surgery but that was to remove all my lymph nodes under my left arm and they took out a small area in my breast where the knot was but it healed without any complications.

To say I was blessed over fifteen years ago is an understatement. Yes I was scared for years afterwards and sure I still think about the possibility of it coming back but I thank God all the time for my second chance. I got to see all my children graduate and go to college and now I have grandchildren. So I am one of the lucky ones.

I do have a funny looking red spot near my breast same side and my doctor told me last year it was a mole. I believed him and thought little of it but in the last few months it has changed and it itches some time. So now on the 21st he is removing it and once again I guess I will be waiting for the results but hopefully it will be just a benign mole. So once again on my blog I am asking for yours prayers but this time for me.

One day this month I will write in memory of one of my dear friends and my daddy who also survived breast cancer but years later they died of other types of cancer. I miss my daddy and Barbara very much and can still see both of them laughing and smiling all of the time. What a sweetheart she was to me and everyone that knew her and my daddy was one of the best dads anyone could ask for. Worked hard all his life for his family. Never a selfish bone in his body.

It is rare for men to have breast cancer but they can and do get it. My dad got it when he was 45 and that is the same age that they found mine. Doctors say it comes from your mothers side but I am not so sure that this is true but whose to say. I do know men should check their selfs as well as women. I need to remind my sons to check for knots just like I preach to my daughter.

Just remember get your check ups and remind your friends and family to do the same.


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