Friday, November 13, 2009


Another post about how to handle getting older.

Tonights issue will cover the problems you can encounter with the mind.

First before I start about the mind I want to thank all you for your comments and I hope that everyone can help with these issues by leaving comments.

Remember this is suppose to be a learning experience!

Ok where to start with the mind thing. I guess yesterday would be a good start and go from there. Remember the post before about the hair issues and a comment was left by JOJO to just carry your tweezers around with you. Well I thought that was a really smart thing to start doing espeically working in the public and not wanting the hair to show on my chinny chin chin. An Officer brings in a guy with a warrant and he ask me for my handcuff key. I reach into the pocket I keep my key in  and handed him my tweezers. The look on his face was priceless and it took me a minute or two to realize what I had done.  (Thanks JOJO)

Then today I am trying to click on Shardon Exclusives to visit her site and her site was not posted in my friends I visit list.  Now how could her name not be there when I love her and her site. I felt terrible and so forgetful but what was even worse when I went to her site I had not joined it yet. Scary very Scary that my mind is seemly slipping slowly.

Is this a problem you all have too or not?

Also I think that the older I get, the braver I get with doing things that are pretty silly or ridculous. For example, not to long ago I worked in a prison and our Warden was a big country Teddy Bear but he thought he was the roughest cowboy in Texas and that we all feared him. One day I noticed he was limping and I ask the Captain what happen to him. He laughed and said that he had fallen from his horse the day before and was madder than all get out about it. (I guess its a Texas thing about staying on your horse) Well that evening on my way home from work I went to a Five and Dime Store and bought him a Stick Horse. I attached a note to it saying "See if You Can Stay On This One!"  The next morning before he showed up for work I tied the stick horse to his desk.

Needless to say when he went into his office and found it you would of thought an Inmate had escaped as loud as that man was screaming. lol

First place he went was to find me.

The day he retired I remember watching him carry out that stick horse with his other belongings.

Back to the future......About a week ago a woman is arrested and when I am taking her handcuffs off she gets really aggitated and arguementive. She is threatening to kick my a.... all over the station so like before I knew it Ms. Pearl comes to the surface and tells this woman that is bigger than most men to come on with it. Ms Pearl even went as far as taking her utility belt off and motions with her hands to the woman to come on. Immediately I knew that I had lost my mind. Why would I do something that stupid. Thank God that woman remembered where she was and backed off. Later my partner shakes his head at me and I told him no need to scold me I was going to do enough of that to myself.

It's like I sometimes I turn into Katy Bates in the movie Green Fried Tomatoe's

where she keeps ramming those teenagers volkswagon because they got her parking space and she makes a remark about being older and having more insurance.

Another issue with my mind and wondering if you too do this but I can put something away where I think it is safe and for the life of me when I need it there is no way I can find it.  The sad thing is I might have just did it. Scary really scary.

I can not tell you how many times I have put cookies in the oven and walked off and left them there until they are toooooo hard to eat. Just tonight I thought I would try to make some Quesidillas and put them on and started doing some cleaning. I guess Dotty Forrest (my dog) will get these. She will love them.

The old farm house I live in has one of those old locks on it where it locks when you close the door. Take a guess how man times I have had to get the ladder and climb into the second floor window I have now hidden several keys outside. I know your thinking will she remember where they are. Right!~

My question is to all of you is this normal for someone my age or do these issues even have anything to do with age.  lol

Now its your turn to tell me about some of your experiences.





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