Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chocolate Lovers Give Away

Okay ladies here's your chance to win my famous Ms. Ruby's Homemade Fudge or Ms. Ruby's all time favorite the Chocolate Peanut Clusters.

Once upon a time, before I became a Officer and a Ranch Hand I had a candy business called Ms. Ruby's named after my loving grandmother. And you thought I could only shoot and tend cows. No mam this candy will make you slap your best blogger friend.

Just in time for the holidays too. If for some unheard reason you don't like the candy you win then give it away for Christmas. lol

Okay I gathered from reading other blogs that you have to follow rules in order to enter these giveaways. Most of them are pretty much the same so in all fairness I shall follow the rules others before me have laid out. Since I have forgotten exactly what I read I will wing it here. Lets see what would be fair to win several pounds of the best little chocolate in Texas.

Got a pen to write these down. First one is really easy to be entered in my first giveaway ever in blog land you just have to leave a comment telling me if you are a chocolate lover or not. Also in the comment you might want to tell me your preference on which one you would like to win. Second rule to be entered 5 times plus the one for the comment (that would make 6 entries) you just have to be a follower on this site. (some of you already are so see how easy this is) Third rule to be entered another 5 times you must mention my giveaway on your site. So let me see if I can do the math now. Lets see the most entries you could have would be 11 entries. Did I do the math right I hope so.

I have a really cute candy bowl that I will put your names in for safe keeping until the drawing which will be held the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe my grandson Bailey could do the drawing for me. He would like that.

Hope everyone loves chocolate as much as I do. Good luck to all of you!!!!


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