Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hope all you are having a great weekend and doing what you enjoy doing.

This was my weekend off from the Sheriff's Dept and so I was able to attend the wedding of my nephew last night. It was about a two hour drive from where I live but even though I hate attending events like this by myself I dolled myself up as most as I could and went on my merry way.

It was a sweet wedding outside in a park and it is always fun to watch a young couple so in love say their vows.

I said my Congrat's and after the dinner I headed back to the country. It was about 9pm on a two lane road when I noticed the car in front of me swerving over into the other lane. This is a road with lots of curves and small hills and not good for some one who has been drinking.  After several miles of following him I called 911 and reported my location and what was happening. I explained to them how he kept going over into the other lane and just barely able to make it back into our lane before a car would come over the hill. They ask me to follow him and stay close as I could and they would send a Officer to that area.

This is about 15 miles from a town so I new that it could be a few minutes. The situation continued to get worse so YOU GUESSED IT  Ms. Pearl came alive and decided she had to somehow get this idiot off the rode. When I found the location that I thought would be safe, I managed to pull up to his vehicle and somehow got him off the rode. It took several tries but he pulled onto the side.

Ms. Pearl jumped out of her vehicle and ran to his door and the window was down and he was really drunk and REALLY a BIG Man. I reached over the steering wheel to grab his keys out and before I knew it I was pulled inside of the car through his window. How that happened that quick has still got me spinning. Mind you I am in a dress and high heels wrestling with a drunk in his front seat. Totally out of my mind. Not sure how long he and I were in the car together fighting over the keys when a Trooper pulled up and opened the passenger side door and I tumbled out of the car onto the ground. That poor Trooper did not know who to arrest.

By the time I fell out of the car Ms. Maggie had somehow come back and probably looked like she had escaped from some mental hospital and so she  tried to straighten up her dress and find her shoes and explain to the Trooper what had just happened. What saved me with him was the 911 call had filled him in on the situation.

Need I have to say DO NOT TRY this at home or anytime. It was very foolish and I am still mad at MS Pearl for not thinking before she leaps. Geez Marie I am so lucky the Trooper showed up when he did.

After he handcuffed the idiot and put him in the car he told me in all his years of service he had never seen anything quite like this. I was too embrassed to even tell him where I worked in fear he might call the Sheriff and explain to him that I needed counseling.


So this morning I am moving real slow and feel like this!!!

Honestly there is not a place on this body of mine that is not sore. I feel like a two ton truck ran over me and backed up and did it again.

I can still hear that idiot asking the Trooper who was that woman and why did she jump in the car with him. lol

Needless to say Maggie is still angry with Ms Pearl and feels like Barney Fife this morning.   

Enjoy your day



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