Saturday, November 7, 2009




My work day at the county starts at 4:45 am and by 5 am this morning it was like a live episode of the Lucy Show only Ethel was not around to help me. A young woman early 40's (that's young to me) was very intoxicated and the minute her handcuffs were removed she decided she no longer wanted to wear her clothes and much to my surprise and the other Officers she started with her blouse and just kept on undressing. Honestly don't you agree with me that's a little early in any ones day to have it start like that. Geez Marie, I had not even drank a Diet Dr Pepper yet.

By 6am another woman came in and saying she was irate is an understatement. She proceeded to call me every name imaginable or maybe unimaginable. The poor thing thought that we were the worst county in the state of Texas for arresting her without having a Drivers License, No Insurance, No Inspection Sticker or license plate. According to her in her home town they knew her and never even gave her tickets much less WOULD arrest her. Needless to say I put her in the same tank with the other lady.

YOU want believe this but before I could finish their paper work a man is arrested for driving drunk. It only gets worse he pees in the patrol car and then all the way to the holding tank. I look up and say, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE THIS GOOD JOB.

I hate to tell you this but not too long after this Ms. Pearl appeared. You see according to my fellow Officers I have another person inside of me and sometimes out of no where she appears. These nuts that I work with call her Ms. Pearl. At first, I laughed at them but now I think they could be right. They even sometimes ask me in the mornings during the shift meeting is it Officer Maggie today or Ms. Pearl. Isn't that terrible?

Ms. Pearl just tells it like it is and holds nothing back. Not Ms. Maggie at all. lol

Could it be my age. Maybe I do need to hurry up and have that post about aging.

I tried to coral Ms. Pearl the rest of the day but WOULD YOU BELIEVE that after that guy a man and a woman both fighting came in.......................................................hahahaha

You will all be happy to know that Officer Maggie is off the next two days and so Ms. Pearl can take a much needed break.

Sweet dreams everyone!!! and thanks for stopping by

After poseting this last night I find that my new sweet friend, Carole, at A Bohemian Market has left me an award on her blog. How kind is that and just when I needed to find it after this day. lol Thank you Carole I will figure out how to pick it up. lol My computer skills as you all can see are limited.

You guys are all just tooo very kind


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