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This year so many things happened in my family that should not have happened but we all have those kind of months or years. Anyway due to that it will be a very small gathering this Thansgiving for me but as I say my Thanksgiving prayer you all will be mentioned.

Here is a comment I left from my last post to give you some idea of how Thankful I am for you guys.

So Tickled Pink that you all like the idea of a mini strip center at Grandmayellowhairs place. You ladies never cease to amaze me at how really sincere and sweet you are towards your fellow friends and bloggers.

When I started doing this I had no idea how it would touch my heart in such a warm way.

You guys are just too great I mean you accept me even knowing that I am a little throwed off. lol

Debbie so glad you came by I was getting worried about you sweet friend and know Debbie that all of us when we pray our Thanksgiving prayer that you and your family will be included in our prayers.

Now before I forget if you all want your shop or if you have something to sell (remember no family members) then shoot me a EMAIL of what you want listed and I will paste to this next Monday.

Sweet Dreams


Now after trying  the ole  copy and paste thing I forgot what I wanted to say. lol

The reason I forgot is it takes me forever sometimes to do the simplest things on this here computer. I mean how hard is it to copy and paste. I hate to tell you but for me pretty hard sometimes. This time I ended up pasting the whole page of my blog instead of that one comment. So you guessed it I spent another few mintues in the delete mode.

While we are on the subject I will list a few things I am not grateful for this year. See if you relate to any of these:.

1) Trying to leave a comment on someones site and you have to hit POST five different times to get it to accept and during this time you are ask to spell the most ridiculous words I have ever heard of. One of these times I am going to look them up and see if their really a word. Then if your really lucky it will come back again and say something like Nope that did not work and then ask you to try again to see if your a freaking HUMAN now seriously gals would a not human being be sending you a comment. COME ON. One site ask me all kinds of questions before it would let me even leave a lovely comment I almost just quit. Zeez Marie you would think these brains over all these sites could offer us something simple. Like just hit post. hahahaha

2) Our government trying to tell us when and what age we can have a mammogram. Seriously ladies I am not thankful for this at all. This is AMERICA not some other country where the leaders rule. If years ago this law was in effect I would not be sitting here in my pink pj"s telling you this and that. I would not be here because they are telling us that we can not get tested for Breast Cancer until 50 years old. Ladies that is a bunch of Turkey crap and if I had not been tested at 45 I would not be here. I have a daughter and they better let her be tested every year for this or the rath of Ms Pearl will be going to Washington.

3)  Mirrors as you all know they have not been my best friends this year. What is that old saying about a mirror and a picture. Something about a mirror always tells the truth. Yeah well this next year I may get rid of all my mirrors.

4) Another silly thing I don't like is men can have hair all over if they want it. I mean they don't have to shave their faces unless they want to but zeez we have to shave everywhere. Have you ever stopped and calculated how many hours we spend shaving. Maybe 2010 we should all be hairy.

5) That women try to hard to please their families during the holidays and they end up stressed to the nines and if their lucky they get to do the dishes to unwind while others are watching football.

6) That Friday morning  my darling grandson will pick  two winners of my Chocolate giveaway and  not 90 something winners because if I could afford to you would all get a package.

7) Not having spell check now on this here posting page. I mean who has the time to look up words in a dictionary.

8) Trying to do something special on these blog sites like all my friends have on theirs and I end up feeling really dumb because I know so little about what I am doing on here. (can you tell) hahahaha

9)Laughing at my own words like their funny....hahahahhahaha Boy do I need help

10) That my house seems never to be clean or tidy enough to suit me and I don't do much about that but complain to you guys about it. If and when I get it decorated and cleaned for Christmas I will take some snapshots and try my best to load them on here and show you my little ole piece of heaven out here in Texas. Heck I might even get someone to take a picture of me on the old John Deere. Speaking of that I have to go mow.

11) I forgot I will add it later today

Yes some of these are silly things to be NOT  thankful for but in all seriousness girlfriends if I listed everything I was Thankful for this Thanksgiving you gals would burn your dinner and then I would have all these men chasing me (now that might be something to be thankful for) hahahahahaha

Do not over work yourselfs the next few days. Yeah Right!!!!!!

So as we go into the Holidays this year know that there is one crazy ole Texas gal who wishes all of you out there a  VERY VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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