Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Most of us are starting to shop and making our list and checking it twice and if your like me there is always someone on the list that has everything or just impossible to decide what to give them.

This past month I have been so blessed with discovering new friends and their wonderful sites that I thought why not pick a day or two of the week especially with the holidays here and list what others create and sale on their sites.

How nice it would be to shop while your scanning blogs. Beats the crowds at the malls. Right!

So tonight I will post a few pictures from Shardons Exclusives and give you my email address where you can send me what you would like to be posted from your site, the link to your site  and if this catches on then I can do it all through the year instead of just for the holidays.

Homemade gifts are so much more special than the others. Don't you agree.

Also give me an idea of what day of the week I should post everyone sales and what should I call this post. Help me out ladies.

Okay if you want your site posted once a week on here with your goodies for sale then write me at

Remember the aging post about the mind (well maybe you don't remember it) but anyway I am having one of those moments where I can not remember the sites I wanted to put on here tonight besides Sharons. lol Please forgive me but it was a rough day.  I do remember one sweet lady that had a beautiful pink quilt for sale and for the life of me I can not remember what site it was on.  Maybe she will email me and I can post it.

If you have another minute I will tell you about my day!


I was scheduled to be off today but a female inmate needed to be transported to one of our State Prisons. These transports are the least favorite of my transports but necessary.

This particular young lady had been expecting this day for a while now so she seemed pretty calm when we left the sally port. I would guess that lasted all of ten minutes and she started screaming and kicking the cage in between our seats. I pulled over before I got out of town and tried to talk to her about her silly behavior and how she was only making things worse because we had a long way to go.

I really wanted to tell her that I had promised you guys that Ms. Pearl was on a long extended vacation and please don't make her return from it early. hahaha

Back on the highway she starts talking to me and I figure okay I can handle the talking better than the kicking the cage. She starts telling me all kinds of stuff and what a hard life she has lived. Then this woman starts talking to me about the men she has had and how she will miss that locked up. I am thinking GEEZZ Marie WHY ME!  She then wants to know about my sex life. Can you imagine that. I laughed and told her I was single and alone so nothing to tell. You would of thought I had told her something really funny because she started laughing so hard she said she was going to pee in her pants. I told her to hold it until we could find a place to stop. Lord only me.

I barely had that out of my mouth and she starts her kicking again. I am thinking okay please Lord let my ex-husband walk across the highway right this minute so I can run over him. hahahaha

Now I have a headache from you know where and I start treating her like a kid hoping she would shut the screaming up and the kicking. I ask her what would it take (yes I offered a bribe) to settle her down. Talk about getting someone's attention. I had hers then. She said, "I can not scream or kick while I am eating!"

It took me about ten seconds to pull into a fast food place and when Jack ask me what would I like I said, " GIVE ME ONE OF EVERYTHING AND PLEASE HURRY!"

I know what your thinking but sometimes YOU DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!

The rest of the trip was not to bad and she got full and I got rid of my headache. Best of all Ms Pearl stayed on her much needed vacation.



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