Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just a little post tonight to check in with everyone and share a picture of me that was shot earlier this evening when I finished my chores out in the north 40 today.
If I had known someone was lurking around with a camera I would of waited until I got inside before collapsing.
Honestly this has never been my best side for taking pictures anyway!
Never dreamed my tush would of gotten this big either but they say photos don't lie.
Mirrors don't either I suppose. I have this big old dresser in my bathroom that has this huge round mirror on it. Take it from me ladies when you get to be my age DO NOT I repeat DO NOT put big mirrors in your bathroom where you can see yourself trying to get into a old clawfoot tub. I will take it easy on you all (and not go into details) because I like you but what I saw in my mirror this evening was not good. Not good at all. It's a good thing I suppose that I am single because Lord knows I could never show this body to another human being. You see these cartoons about older women and parts of their bodies have moved around well thats kind of how I felt tonight. It was like God when did I get this old. So strange because I feel like I am a lot younger.
I have been wanting to have a post on here sometime about aging so I guess I need to hurry up and have one. Because Man do I need help with that OR is it too late for me.
Anyway back to my picture (how and why did I get off on the other subject) oh well ......I can honestly say I was dragging this evening. Yesterday and today were my two days off for the week so I worked on the ranch. I mowed some, then I got on the back hoe and started tearing down the old barn out here. I loved that barn and hated to see it go. It was to me the prefect old red barn but OLD is reason it had to come down. Lot of years of neglect. Let me tell you ladies if you ever want to take out any kind of frustrations just get on one of those big yellow jobs with a big bucket and just start pushing those buttons and watch things fly.
Well the old red barn is now in a million pieces and I should of just burned it where it stood because now do I have a mess to get rid of. Some of it will be burned. Then when I got bored with that project I spread gravel on a couple of the roads out here that lead to various houses and buildings out here. The one thing I really wanted to do and did not get around to was paint my porch. Some of the wood was replaced and so I am now going to just paint it another color. If and when I invest in a good digital camera I will bore you guys with pictures. The house I live in is over a 100 years old with a old tin roof and a long big porch on it. It sits right in the middle of huge old oak trees just like the ones in the movie Gone With The Wind. Only there is no Rhett caring Maggie up the stairs.
Well maybe in her dreams. The house is a light yellow with the windows trimmed in a pretty green and the shutters and post in PINK. Yes Pink and my porch swing and rockers are all done in the same Pink. I love Pink.
And it of course has the white picket fence.
There I went and got off the picture again. I am ramblin tonight. Anyway to make a long story short I was dragging this evening but never to tired to check on my blogger friends.
I appreicate all of you who have stopped by and Good luck to all of you with the giveaway.
Sweet dreams


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