Friday, November 27, 2009




Good morning all of you sleepy heads. Its 5am and I am suppose to be sleeping on my daughters couch after spending a lovely Thanksgiving with her but instead I laying here wide awake thinking about the drawing in a few hours for the Chocolate Giveaway. Christi has to work the mad house crazy black Friday at Macy's so I will leave here and go my sons and let my grandbabies do the honor of picking the winners.

It bothers me that there will only be two of you drawn and I so wish that it could be all of you. I do hope you all know that you are all winners in my book. This was my first giveaway to Thank all of you for being so sweet and kind accepting me into your hearts in this new world to me of blogland. (Of course you know I will have to have another giveway soon)

I have found it to be a very warm place to run to and just be myself and to experience all the creative beautiful sites that I never knew existed until a few months ago. So many of you have been so wonderful with your comments and even joining me knowing that sometimes I get completely throwed off. Just pray that it is not catching. lol

So Thank you all for making my Thanksgiving a little bit warmer and cozy knowing that you all were just a click away.

Guess I should try to go back to sleep and get this giveaway off the brain. Good luck to each of you and SWEET DREAMS



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