Sunday, November 1, 2009


OH DEAR I THINK I AM HOOKED.....NO I KNOW I AM HOOKED!!! Wow yesterday I had so many chores do here on the ranch where I live and work but...I thought hey while I am eating my very healthy breakfast of white powdered doughnuts and my diet Dr Pepper maybe I could check out a few new blog sites. Well needless to say that checking out turned into almost time for my healthy lunch. I had so much fun finding new friends and their creative, beautiful blogs that ladies I could get fired as a ranch hand.

My adventure started at the lovely Dear Daisy Cottage where she was giving her blogger friends a candy treat and of course being candy I immediately clicked on that big red sucker. That click cost me a half of day of work. There were blogger's there from everywhere and I clicked and clicked and clicked.

What a treat for Halloween and one that will bring me joy for as long as these lovely kind creative women keep blogging.

Just a small peek into a few of my finds. Would love to tell you about all of them but somehow I have to catch up on my chores today because tomorrow is back to the Sheriff Department for God only knows what.
First of all I can not even begin to describe or tell you how these sites really are so just go to the bottom of my page and start clicking. I promise you hours of fun and lots of surprises.
Ok not sure who I visited first but here goes. Michelle over at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea is a have to see. Her Halloween Vintage pictures are a must to enjoy and then she has a sign on her blog that says, I Finished Your Laundry ...The Ashes are in the Fireplace...How funny is that.... For more Halloween click over to a cute site called Lemonade Make'n Mama. The name is enough to make you stop by. Right!
Then try A Peachy Keen life with Ronda and wish her a speedy recovery and enjoy her site. Also join Laurie at Bargin Hunting with Laurie. She has really nice things on her blog.
Click over to Feed Sack Fantasy and Blushing Rose Antiques and visit MaryDon and her findings. Be sure and sign up for her giveaways which is something I have to go back to do.
Your not done yet too many others to go. Try visiting Angela at Free Spirit Haven and as she promised on November the 1st she would be playing Christmas music and she has kept that promise. Speaking of Christmas The Robins Nest with of course who else but a lovely lady named Robin has a huge Christmas Countdown calendar for all us to panic every time we see it. Also sweet Robin has a trailer of the New Moon movie coming out soon. Wow Got to see that. Also found out Robin lives close to the town Forks where all the Twilight series was written about. We have to talk to Robin about Forks.
Sorry ladies you can not be tired you have several more to visit. You can do this remember I DID ALL OF THESE AND MORE yesterday. Travel all the way to England for a simply good site where you can pick up a Circle of Friends Award button oh almost forgot to give you the site name. From A Yellow House in England. Very nice visit always there with Dori.
A must visit is to The Wild Raspberry where I would love for all of you to visit and pick up their button for their sister Shauna who needs all of our prayers. Also stop by My Appalacian Life and visit with the quilterbear who is going to help me to learn how to Locker Hook a Rug. Don't forget Edie Marie's Attic where Sherry takes you on your dream vacations. I picked Italy.
Last but not least is Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse. The music alone is enough to make you smile. Doris Day is singing Powder Your Face with Sunshine. Aunt Ruthie spends hours on this site with good advice to fabulous recipes.
I know I have left some friends out but I have to get busy plus I washed my cell phone in my work clothes after I did finally manage to get on the tractor for a couple of hours so now after chores I have to drive an hour to the nearest Verizon store and buy a new phone.
So to the friends I left off I will write about you in another post. But ladies just go to my friends I like to visit at the bottom of this page and START CLICKING.
Let me know what you find because yes I am going to work.


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