Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Libbie at The Middlest Sister YOUR NAME was drawn as the winner of my Gone With the Wind Giveaway. I am tickled that you won and thank you for entering this giveaway.

 Once again I wish I could give all of you who left such wonderful comments a box of chocolates. Who knows by the end of 2010 your name will most likely be drawn in one of my giveaways. So never give up.

Libbie just email me with your choice for the giveaway and your address. Your choices were one of my Gone With The Wind Plates, the white or chocolate peanut clusters or of course the chocolate fudge.

Thank you all for entering my giveaway! YOU are All such wonderful followers and so special to me that I love having these giveaways. It probably will not be long and I will post another one so keep in touch. Hopefully your name will be the next one drawn.

Also I want to thank all of you for the loving comments over the last few weeks. Boy have I needed them. Love to all of you.

Sweet Dreams


Look at this sweetheart posing with her new hat and pink purse from her Grandmayellowhair.

Brother in the background playing a DS game I gave him. Build a Bear I believe is what he is playing. This is at their beautiful home in Austin.

Another picture from my home that I took the other night for you all. This is a twin bedspread that I bought years ago in Warrenton/Round Top Show and never get to display it. So I threw it on top of a side table and put some ornaments in a bowl for the holidays. I just love the detail work in this piece. Look at the pink ribbon in her hair.

Just a couple of my Santa's that I love. This one is made out of a old bottle. Neat huh!

I of course love my new camera so I will be playing on here with it until I bore all of you to the point of begging me to stop.


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