Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Okay Ladies and Gents it's that time of year again but I have a question for you.  I have a feeling I am not the only one out there that has been naughty this year. So tell me Have You Been Naughty or Nice this year? Just leave me your answer on the comment section and I promise no one but me reads them anyway. So feel free to just let it all out. Who knows you might even feel better if you tell someone.

With that being said I will between now and Christmas tell you about some of my naughty and nice stories. Only fair if I am asking you that I should also participate.

My daughter and I were laughing about this story at Thanksgiving. It is naughty and not nice at all but at the time I did it  I was a lot less mature than I am now. You see my ex hubby ran off with a not so nice woman and when a very dear friend of mine and I found out where she lived we paid her a visit. Well my friend, Sharon, was ask by this so called woman to sit in the car while we talked. So Sharon being the crazy friend she is started taking pictures of us standing there talking. Thank God it was mostly pictures of the other woman.

Well to make a long story short we of course could not wait to develop these pictures because at the time it seemed like the thing to do. Now please don't take this wrong but this woman (now his wufe) is very very ugly. I have never before this ever looked at anyone and thought Jeez their ugly. But honest to God this woman must of been hit by several several ugly sticks sometime or another in her life. Honestly the first time I saw her I stepped back and said WHOA and I was ashamed of myself for doing so. Well anyway back to the story.

Ok after  I moved out of my home in town to this old farmhouse I found those pictures in the move. I thought now Maggie you are not going to have this woman in your new place. (it was new to me) So I thought ok What do I do with these pictures! I considered making a Scarecrow for the herb garden but I thought even the poor birds don't deserve this. So after a few days at this old farmhouse I started hearing things in the attic. (keep in mind this house was empty for a long time) Then a light goes off in my head and I thought thats perfect. Hang her pictures on inside of the door going into the attic. That way she will scare away anything bad up there. (naughty right)

Well I did it. I hung her pictures and totally forgot that they were there. Then my heating is acting up and I call a repairman. After they fix it the two workmen ask me. Maggie did you know that there is a very strange womans picture hanging on the door to your attic. In fact, one of them actually said, "Was she hung there to scare the varments off."  hahahaha

I don't like to tell lies but good gosh I could not tell those two men that I had hung her picture there. I just looked at them like I thought they were making the story up and ask them how much I owed them.

On my Thanksgiving post I was telling you guys about being kissed by a dog. Well my daughter Christi sent me these pictures of her Toby for all of us to enjoy. The first one is the way he is most of the time. I am afraid the second one was taken when his grandmayellowhair left to go home.

This is Toby after his grandmayellowhair left him! Poor Baby

Sweet Dreams!


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