Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yep you guessed it Ms. Pearl made an appearance the other night. She has been so good that we all knew it was just a matter of time.

This story starts with two EX friends of mine that work in a nearby county for a Sheriffs Department. I met these lovely ladies in a Officers training class a few years ago. They are both happily married and want me to be.  So after months of their constant persistent nagging I agreed to go on a blind date arranged by these two officers. Keep in mind I have been telling these two ladies no forever and they just don't take no for an answer. So being the dummy I am I gave in the other day. OH HOW happy I made those two. The fellow they wanted me to meet was a Judge from their county.  Ok I thought being a Judge how bad could it be. I mean they are normally trustworthy upstanding citizens. Right?

Well on with the story........He and I talked on the phone a few times and I found him to be very funny and outgoing so I agreed on a meeting him at a local nice restraurant in my small town.

In my whole life time I have been on maybe two or three blind dates. The first stands out in my mind because I was just out of high school and he was in the Navy. Good gosh when I opened my door that evening my knees went weak and could not hardly talk to the boy all night because he was the most beautiful human I had ever seen. lol Good thing Navy kept us apart because I thought it was love at first sight.

Back to the dreary future........Ok I meet this Judge in public not my home even though I know how easily one can find where one lives now if they so desire. But I felt this was the best way to meet. Thank God I can still sometimes make a good decision. NOT Often mind you but every now and then. Anyway I was nervous for two days just preparing for this. I just don't date ladies so this was stressful to me. I even shaved my legs. hahahahaha.....Had my nails done.....tried on my old clothes and even considered buying something new but after hours of trying on clothes I found a nice little (well not really little) black dress that I had a really pretty shawl that I wore with it.Even pretty high heels. I am telling you ladies I took the time to try and look nice. Sprayed on some pretty sexy cologne and went out the door.

At the restaurant......I nervously went inside and came very close to turning around and going back home. I was told by these two ex friends of mine that he was very nice looking and great personality and we two would hit it off. Well I was expecting maybe a George Clooney look a like or Tom Selleck but he was more of a oh whats that guys name oh yeah Richard Gere look going. Not bad looking and we had no trouble talking. He made me laugh and I enjoyed that and I found myself thinking well this was not bad. I guess I could date this guy and enjoy being with him sometime. So after several hours we decide or the waiter decides we should leave.

He walks me to my car and then ............................he says, "Let me run by CVS and then I will follow you home." Well I know I have not dated in while but this was not what I wanted to hear come out of this mans mouth. Stupidly I started some kind of gibrish and I might have even been stuttering when I asked What or Why or something to this effect. He gets real close and says..."Sweetie I did not drive all the way over here to just to say HOWDY.........

IT WAS just like one of those superman movies where Clark runs and changes clothes and reappeaqrs as Superman. Well ladies I honestly did not change clothes but I turned into the worse Ms. Pearl I have seen in a while. I totally lost it in the restaurant parking lot. I actually reached to the back of my dress reaching for my handcuffs. hahahahaha  Thank God they were not there.

What a horrible ending to a lovely evening. All the way home I was beating myself up for going and ladies I EVEN SHAVED MY LEGS FOR THIS !!!!!!!



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