Monday, December 21, 2009


First it"s my daughter Christi's Birthday, December 22nd

There are not too many days that I don't forget to thank God for giving me such a blessing as my sweet daughter. She is such a sweetheart to everyone that knows her and not only a terrific daughter but one heck of a good friend to me and many others. I love how she  always smiles and her laugh is just so contagious. You can not help but laugh when you hear her laughter. Christi is the baby of the family, the only girl  and we all love her dearly.  Since you guys are so special I wanted to share her birthday with you and show you a couple of pictures of her. Actually the only ones I have in my computer. Darn it. They were just taken at a Christmas party so they are recent. Toby the pretty cocker spaniel is her baby. (My Christmas wish for her is that this next year she meets Mr. Right and they both live happily ever after.) Boy am I in trouble if she reads this far down.

Second reason for celebration is Christi's work is sending her to Barcelona, Spain in a couple of weeks. Can u imagine Spain! The only place my work sends me is to the mental hospital in Austin with a inmate to keep me company.  She is so excited and I am too but with reservations. I can not imagine her being that far away but I am so happy for her to be able to see some of the world that I have always wanted to see.  if any of you have ever traveled to Spain please let us know about your trip.

Third reason for celebration is Christi will be here today on her birthday and we get to spend her birthday together. It has been a while since we have got to do that. She has to go to Houston to get her passport so we will spend the day doing that.  I think she is not looking forward to standing in line for her birthday but I told her just remember what we will be standing there for. I hope to take her for a nice lunch afterwards. I wish that we were both getting passports but not to be. Wouldn't I look cute with two black eyes on a passport.

Christi is  in the middle. This is her dear friend Lisa and Lisa's sweet mom.

Then Christi on the left and Lisa on the right. Aren't they beautiful.

Speaking of black eyes my fourth reason for celebration is you guys out there that left me all those wonderful caring sweet and funny comments. I was having this huge pity party for myself and who jumps in and saves me again. No other than all of you. So I am celebrating you all today and thanking God for all of you being in my life. Thank you!

Now last but not least I won my first ever giveaway from Carin at Cross Stitch Giant .  She was so sweet for having this giveaway and I am still in shock that I won. How funny one day I am getting run over by a moron on a bike and the next I am winning a super neat giveaway.  I won these charts and I love them.  Now I have no excuse not to do cross stitch. Thank you so much Carin for picking my name for these great charts. I felt guilty winning because I had found her sight and loved it so  I joined as a follower and then noticed this giveway and entered it. I ask her if it counted that I joined her as a follower first before entering the contest. Not thinking for a minute that I would win it.  My very first visit but certainly not my last. I love her site and you will too. Do any of you like to do cross stitch?

Are these not the cutest Christmas charts. Looks like a lot of work but surely I can have them done by next Christmas.  I will have to stay off here if I plan on getting them done by then. lol

Thanks guys for always being there for me and I hope that Santa brings you all everything you deserve! Also don't forget my giveaway. Just leave a comment on that post or any post afterwards and you are entered. Mention it on your site and get five extra chances.  Good Luck to all of you!




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