Saturday, December 12, 2009



YEP you guessed it another one of those days for Officer Maggie.

AKA…Ms. Pearl  WARNING this post is not for readers with weak stomachs. Please come back another day! Sorry

Officer T brings in a really obnoxious guy that is apparently to drunk to stand up and we somehow manage to empty his pockets, search him and put in him in the drunk tank until he is sober enough to be booked in the system. Along with this guy is a woman brought in that was in the car with him and yes she was apparently pretty drunk too. Of course, being the female Officer of the group I get the honors of emptying her pockets and doing the shake down. It was not to hard of a shake down since her pants were glued on and there was no way anything could have been hid inside of them or the pockets without showing. I am thinking I need to get her booked in before she passes out and then it would be hours before I could get her information. So I take her into the booking room and start the procedure of asking the mandatory questions, taking the pictures and doing the fingerprints. One of the standard questions is Are You Married? She replies, “Yes but promise me you want call him! He gets mad as H--- when I go out with my Santa Baby!” You know me I could not resist I say, "Not a very understanding husband you have!"

I assure her that the only phone calls will be to the parties she wants to call. I then ask her to stand up and let me take her pictures. She manages to stand where I tell her and I snap two pictures front and side. Then I ask do you have any tattoo’s….because we have to take pictures of all tattoos. Well believe it or not this woman turns around and moons me! It was not a moon to her it was to show me her tattoo on her behind. OH MY I try to remain in a calm voice and tell her there is no need to show me tattoos below the waist line. Good golly Ms Molly it reminded me of another time I was mooned. It was by my ex’s mother before we were married at a New Years Eve Party. That moon should have told me not to marry this East Texas Boy.

Anyway back to the present story. In the meantime while I am booking this lady in her companion has been busy spreading crap yep you read it right His Crap all over the walls of the drunk tank.

I whisper to myself just hang on u only have 8 hours left on this shift and I go find my partner to help me move this guy to a cell with a shower. After we return this nut had written on the window that is on the door….I AM Going to SUE You…..yes you guessed it wrote it with his own crap but not only did he do that he wrote it BACKWARDS so that way I could read it when I walked up to the door.



COMING SOON another giveaway from me to you!



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