Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am so excited to be able to show all of you some pictures from my new digital that Christi gave me for Christmas! It only took me three hours to try to figure out how to get the pictures from the camera to here. lol

These pictures are of my little Christmas tree in my bedroom.

Part of my bedroom! Wonder what the thing underneath the lamp on the wall is. Scary its not there except in this picture. Notice all my pretty extentsion cords that got in the picture too.

This is the front room of the house I use as a dining room/living room.

This is at the other end of my living room where I use as a dining room until I finish the dining room. Stairway going to second bedroom. Picture below is at the opposite end of the room where my big Christmas tree sits. This old house has three fireplaces and can not use any of them. :( 

In this room is where I have my big tree set up.

Do I love books? Yes very much so. This is part of the living room area.

Just a small tour of my home. When I get better at this camera and I clean house I will show you all more of the little farm house. Oh here is one more picture of the tiny kitchen that has no cabinets or drawers just a stair way.

The other half of the kitchen is only a sink and stove will share when I put my dishes away.

I love this camera and my daughter for getting it for me and you guys will probably get tired of the pictures but thought you might want a peek into my home.

Don't forget my giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight. Good luck to all of you.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! You know I will have to do a post about mine. It was crazy as my life always seems to be.

My Temptation Mondays Post will start again next week so be sure and email me if you want your goodies listed on next Mondays site.

I am looking forward to starting that post again.

One last picture of my Tinkerbell!

Boy 3:30 am is going to come quick in the morning so




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