Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So happy to be off from the Sheriff's Dept today so I made up my bed threw things in my one closet and took some more pictures of the farm house. I even took some out side picture from the inside. I know how lazy is that but it is cold and sooooooooooooooooo muddy that maybe tomorrow I will venture out for some good shots.

You will see things are not as neat as most homes especially when they take pictures but I knew you sweet things out there want the real me. lol

Okay just click the X at the top of this page when you get bored. I know these are a little much but hey I have a new toy. Next week things will get back to normal.

 We will visit the my bedroom where I live most of the time while it is so cold. This top picture is walking into the room where I have my desk (yes it is pink) with my computer. Second picture is taken sitting at my desk......

These two pictures are also bedroom. Sorry about the stuff in my bookshelves. Lord I did not know how bad they looked until I saw these pictures. Also my shoes by my bed oh boy you guys are really getting the real me here.

I am going to hang this picture over my bed. My darling Kaci drew and colored it for her grandmayellowhair.

These are the two corners of where my bed is on the other end of the bedroom. See how silly I am she belongs outside on my porch but in the winter the wind just takes her away.

Now I moved in to the front room of the house where I have living room/dining room. Yes sofa is pink! My den furniture that I dearly love is living over at my oldest brothers home because I can not get it through these small front doors. I miss that sofa and chase so much I need to figure out how to get it over here. This furniture was in my formal living room at my home in town.

My bench at the top that I love but had no place to put so it sits by my front door........Here is my silly Tinkerbell looking outside on the front porch.

And this is why Tinkerbell looks out the window so much at my Tom cat that loves my YES pink rockers. lol

This is the pink house that is on this ranch behind my house. I took this picture from the bedroom window. I will have to show you better pictures of it. It is a darling home. Mine is yellow with a white picket fence. No one stays in this pink home unless my landlady comes from Nevada.

This was taken of my side yard out of the back door. Wanted you to see some of the large oak trees. Tomorrow maybe I can grab the mule and ride around taking more pictures of the oaks.

This was taken out of my kitchen window. Only shows one of the many oaks I see from this window.

Ok you have to be bored by now so I will save the rest of my little house in the country for another post.

I made some really good potato soup that I am dying to have for supper. Wish you were here to join me!

One more picture of where I cooked the potatoe soup! The smallest kitchen in Texas!

Sweet Dreams



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