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My dear sweet friends I am not sure how to start this post so here goes......I am sitting here tonight with two black eyes, a cut across my nose,  a big scrape on my chinny chin chin, a scrape on the  nose and forehead. Other than that I am doing fine. NO it was not Ms Pearl this time thank goodness it did not happen at work. Of course, I do look like I was in a bad fight and got the living day lights beat out of me.

Are you guys ready for this! I honestly do not know where December went to but I have really gotten behind with Christmas this year and I have no one to blame but myself. For some reason I just have not been able to accomplish that much for the holiday. They have been after me at work to burn some holiday time so I ask for last Friday off so I could shop knowing that I had to work the whole weekend.

Living in a small town I could not find what my two grandbabies wanted me to get for them. Even our Wal Mart is small so I drive an hour away to College Station (home of the Texas Aggies). My intentions were to finish in one day and that would leave me Monday and Tuesday to clean house and bake since I work the rest of the week. Well I get my hair cut and next to it is a darling little girls shop and I find a few cute things for Kaci and then I drive over to Target for my Bailey's gift. Parking lot was packed ( I wonder why) so I park on the side of the building with other cars and walk around to the front of the store. When I step up on the curb and turn to go around the building a young man riding his bicycle runs into me. (riding on the sidewalk) Needless to say it was quite the shock to turn and see him there. I had no time to think or dodge him and I went flying. Gosh if only I could see the video of this I am sure if they played it back at the store there had to be some laughs at a ole lady tumbling around the Target sidewalk. Somehow I ended up face down and skidded of all things on my face. It was the strangest feeling when I could not control anything and stop my body from sliding along with the ole face against the concrete. I remember thinking OH MAN this not going to be good whenever I do come to a stop. lol

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers because a couple walking near by came over and helped me up and gave me some kleenix for my bleeding nose and helped me into the store. They of course, were more than kind and insisted I let them put ice on my head and lay down for a minute or two. I had no choice but to do since I was bleeding and only wanted out of site from all the people gathering around to see what had happened.

I told them the sad story of what my DL told me to find for Bailey and they sent someone to see if they had it. No luck! I stayed maybe a half hour or so with the ice pack and then after looking in the mirror I knew my shopping day was over before it really even began. On top of all that I did not like my haircut either. lol No matter no one even noticed my hair.

It was a long drive home mainly because I was so mad at myself for waiting til the last minute to do Kaci and Baileys gifts knowing how important their gifts were to me. Why why why do I put things off. When will I ever learn.

The next morning I get up at 3:30 to go to work and after feeding the kitty I look into the mirror. Oh my gosh ladies those little scrapes had turned into big scrapes and black and blue colors to go along with a swollen nose that has a cut across it and yes two big shiners. Not one but TWO.

I jumped back from the mirror thinking dear God who or what is looking back at me from the mirror. I thought to myself after the second or third look into the mirror there is no way I can go to work today. Not only did I look like crap but my body felt like Ms Pearl had stomped on her all night long. I sit down in my bedroom and talk to myself trying to figure out what to do because in my field calling in sick is almost impossible. Several times I picked up the phone to call my SGT but I knew no matter how many times I tried to explain to him my situation that theres no way he would believe me.............So then I had to do a double spin in order to be dressed and out the door on time.

Take it from one that does not hide black eyes or skin scrapes plus it hurts to put it on but I am one of those few ladies left in the world that will not go outside to take the garbage out without makeup.

To make a long story short .....I slowly walked in to the shift meeting with my head down trying not to let everyone see me but it only took one Officer and then it was all over. Being all men you can imagine the remarks and jokes that were thrown my way. I survived work knowing that my blog friends would understand and not laugh or make fun of their friend. Even though if you could see me I promise you might be tempted. Especially Ms Bunny!

I was hoping Santa would bring me a digital and I could take pictures of my Christmas and put them on here but guess who want be posing for his snapshots this year.

You might just call me Rudolph if I did!  Oh if your wondering about the guy on the bicycle he was an Aggie and jumped back on his bike and ran off. A hit and run with me involved. Good gosh what a day and I was not even working. (I never should have mentioned the ex running off with a ugly woman because now look at me)

Not sure if I will be doing the Temptation Mondays post because so far I have not heard from anyone that wants their goodies advertised and I know how busy the next four days will be. Hopefully I can resume it after Christmas if anyone still wants to have their work on it.

 How I will manage to finish by Thursday is beyond me but it always seems to get done.

Oh if anyone is doing a Blue and Black mosaic Monday I could help them with their post. lol


Sweet Dreams




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