Monday, December 28, 2009


TODAY started out like most days! Tinkerbell climbed on top of me about 3:15 slapping me in the face trying to get me to wake up. It only takes a couple and I am trying to pet her so I can fall back to sleep. It was not meant to be this morning. Did the regular routine fed the animals, put on my uniform and of course brushed my teeth.

Get to work on time have my shift meeting and the my day starts. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. College kids picked up for smoking pot while traveling during the holidays. Just the normal thing this time of year.

Five o'clock finally comes and I run over my Sgt trying to get to my car and leave for home. Brrrrrrrrrr it had gotten a lot cooler during my 12 hour shift so I dread coming home to my cold old farm house. (Glad you liked my pictures last night)

Ok 40 minutes later I am in front of the ranch checking my mail. There inside was a small size yellow envelope with only my name and address. I always look to see who mailed me something and there was no return address. I figured it was junk mail and tossed it aside while I fed the animals and tried to fix supper but it ended up being fed to the cats. haha I really believe I am forgetting my cooking skills.

Take my bath get my new fuzzy on and decide to look at the mail. To say I was shocked at what I found is under stating it. There were these two pictures inside with no letter or note. Just these two pictures that I have not seen in several years. One was taken of me and my ex for a Christmas card one year and the other was taken at my mothers home several years ago. Now who would send me these pictures and the biggest questions is WHY?

Were they trying to hurt me with the Christmas picture? Who would be that stupid or cruel!

Of course, I thought of the idiot but where did he get my mailing address? I normally get along with most everyone so I can not think of anyone wanting to be mean to me but the longer I looked at these pictures the madder I got. (Whoa Ms Pearl its the holidays)

Anyway what do you think?

How will I be able to sleep tonight trying to figure this one out? Of course I called my brothers wifes knowing that they would not have done it or my brothers and they were as surprised as myself.

Another crazy day for sure!

Don't forget tomorrow is the drawing for the chocolate or Gone with the Wind plate.

Sweet Dreams



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