Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good golly Miss Pearl I can not handle this any longer!!!!Thank God for places that say free WiFi.

Ladies I don't even wish this on the ugly woman married to my ex. This withdrawal from blogger friends is worse than having a date with the looser Judge.

Bunny is right I need to tell Verizon to Byte me!

But First I have to tell you guys about some GREAT News first before I launch a fight against bytes and Verizon.

I  won a wonderful giveaway!!!! Yes ME the one that has had nothing but bad luck this new year has won the most wonderful giveway from our beautiful friend Karyn over at French Charming! I won her giveaway of a $75.00 gift certificate yes ladies $75.00 to the Lisa Leonard Giveaway. I can choose a piece from her beautiful line of jewerly. Oh excited is not the word for me on winning this. I am just beside ladies you have to go to Karyn's site and see why I am so excited and while your there check out her really darling site. Karyn!!! is a sweetheart and I can not thank her enough for having this giveaway and choosing my name.


Where am I now writing you ladies a post!!! Well like I mentioned befoe thank God for free WiFi. I would only admit to you all that up to a couple of weeks ago I had no idea what the sign on business windows saying free WiFi meant. It is free internet service to someone like me with a laptop that can sit down and surf the web using their service. For me it is a blessing since I have until the 20th of this month to restart my bytes on Verizon Wireless. (If your lost please read my post before this explaining my dilema with being able to blog)

I am at the local library in their magazine section sitting in the corner with a smile on my face because I can write you guys. lol.....

Where I live in the country out in the middle of nowhere I am finding out the only access to internet is the one I am hooked up to Verizon Wireless. Their plan is expensive and you only get 5 gigs which I was told NO one can use that many gigs in a month. Well as I explained in my last post I not only used 5 but 10 in November and 7 in December and now from December the 20th to January 3rd I already used my 5 so I am beside myself knowing that my bytes do not start over until the 20th of January and even then I have to watch everything I do on here. I never heard of this until it happened to me and boy what a mess.

My daughter Christi and I went to a Verizon store in Austin and you would not believe the chaos surrounding me and her when the guys at the store were looking at my computer and usuage. All of them kept saying NO ONE ever goes over and especially this much. They kept asking me if I was downloading movies or music on here because that would be the only way I could use this.

I was honest with them and told them I did not even know how to download movies or music. lol...It was sort of funny watching all the computer geeks coming over to my laptop and seeing their eyes get really big when they looked at my usage. My daughter thought it was hilarious to see their reactions. Finally they got their manager to come take a look....and he had the same look on his face and then he says..."I am a computer freak...I live on the computer and I never never go over and yet here is a little OLE LADY that has done this...incredible....WELL you guessed it Ms Pearl came out of hiding and for the first time my daughter got to meet her. I could not believe that on top of all my problems with Verizon that they would call me a OLE LADY!!!!  Excuse ME!

Anyway they gave me a new GBS or whatever the heck the thing is you stick in your computer to get their service and told me that when I got back on line with a new stick or thingeeee then they would monitor me and see if I am still going over. If not maybe it was my old one out of whack but they do not think so....most likely no refund for me.....They think it is my blogging. It seems that they looked into some of my blog sites that I visit and a lot of them were over 300,000 bytes and if you go into enough of them plus my site then you use a lot of bytes. Especially sites with a lot of grahpics. I told them I refuse to belong to a company that will not let me blog and that I have met a lot of wonderfull ladies on here that I need to be in contact with. I think I noticed a tear in one of the guys eyes but he turned a way quickly so not sure.

So warning to all of you bloggers out there that are not on DSL or other unlimited internet service you have to be careful. Because those dollar signs move quite quickly when your over.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I am so very appreciative of all your comments and am checking all of them out to see if where I live any of these are available. So far I have not found anything available where I live. Even my Dish Network for my TV has the same thing they charge by the gigs too. I thought Hughes Net was my only option but from visiting their site they charge the same way. Geezzzzzzzzzzzz I thought they were unlimited.

My only help right now is driving into town and visiting the local library and using their WiFi until I figure this mess out.

Also on top of all this mess I ladies have froze my big bottom off in that ole farm house. Lord when I get time I will have to blog about my butt frozen to the commode seat. hahahahahahaha

Plus I have not even got to tell you guys about New Years Eve at the Sheriffs Office.

Also I have had to downsize my site so when I get on here I don't use that many bytes. Boy what a silly mess but some of you have commented that this is better for you downloading my site so I am glad of that. I also had to change the way I see my comments which now they are approved because would you believe reading them first on my dashboard is less bytes. Bytes Bytes ....Ms Pearl is not a happy camper with that word

My love to all of you



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