Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Oh my gosh ladies was I nearly knocked off my feet when I got on the scales at the doctors office yesterday. Talk about a rude awakening. I stepped up on them and jumped off them quicker than you can say Slim Fast. Well the cute little aide said, “Wait I did not have time to see your weight!” I then tried to just make up a number for her but being a good nurses aide she insisted I step back up. Well I don’t have to tell you but this time I took off my shoes, my bracelet, ear rings and my sweater. It still flashed three of the largest numbers that I have ever seen underneath my bare feet. Huge ladies! I have turned into a short big woman! How did this happen to me? I have always since the birth of my children been too short for my weight but never this short! God in all seriousness I should be at least every bit of 6 ft tall…I knew my uniform was not fitting me well but I kept thinking it was because every time I turn around their adding something to my utility belt so I just figured that had to be it. It could not be pounds adding up from too many sweets.

As I write this now I am looking at a half eaten Twix bar that I bought not an hour after leaving the dang weigh in. Yes I bought candy after seeing this…..have I no shame!!!

I was so upset when the doctor finally came into the room I forgot what I was there to see him about. All I wanted to talk about was my weight and he was not interested in my ranting about what I had just seen in the book in area or whatever they call that room.

He just wanted to look in my ears and throat and have me say AHHHHHHHHH!.....It turns out I have some kind of infection on top of my weight problem. He gave me a prescription and led me to desk where you pay. Shaking his head all the way and not hearing one word I was saying.

So what do I do when I leave his office? I head straight for a Sandwich shop and order a Roast Beef with cheese. My car automatically turns into anywhere that has a flashing sign saying Free WiFi…..yep I had brought my computer because I knew in College Station there would be places I could write you ladies. (Not that I am counting but my bytes roll over at midnight tonight) It was already 3 in the afternoon and no lunch so what’s a girl to do especially since I had to check on all of you. I could not just sit in there and use their internet without eating. After I finished the sandwich I swore that was my meal for the day. No more for me the rest of the day.

I then head toward the way home and there in front of me is Barnes and Nobles. Well books are like food to me. I had to stop and browse and then what do I see but college students all sitting there with their lap tops just typing away so enough of browsing I have to go get mine out of the car. Well two hours later and one book I finally leave the book store.

I felt like a complete fool while I was there though because here are all the young kids sitting at the tables and working away so I go and find a nice little love seat and get all comfy and start browsing your sites. It is so much fun when you’re using someone else’s bytes. Hahahaha

Wouldn’t you know it I am having a great time maybe all 20 minutes of it and this older man comes and sits down beside me with a magazine. We say our polite hellos and I start my browsing again and he says, “Hey watch you looking at on your computer?” I am thinking Geezzzzzzzzzzzzz not me Marie! I smile and say,”OH just some friends sites that I like to browse when I get the chance.” He nods and I go back to you guys. Then before I could change sites he says, “Well I come here to get out of the house and read magazines if I am lucky talk to pretty ladies.” I think I said, “Good for you!” He then mentions that he had never seen me there before. I thought oh no I can’t read and listen to this guy too. So I shut my computer and tell him it was very nice visiting with him but I needed to leave.

I run away but only to another section of the store where all the young kids are with their computers and I squeeze myself in the middle of them thinking they will feel sorry for this ole grandma and give her some room. I felt bad about the little ole man but I was on a mission to find out what my friends had posted on their sites. I said a little prayer while I set there that the little ole man would not see me but I know I stood out like Custer in his last stand.

No one bothered me but the light just was not right on my computer screen and I kept seeing a glare so would you believe I moved again. This time I sat at a table next to two young ladies from I guess Japan and you guessed it they were speaking their language and I was trying to read in English. Not good not good at all. I finally gave up bought the book about Amelia Earhart. I never did get to see the movie Amelia. Why it never came to our little town is beyond me.

So I am driving home and thinking about what am I going to do about my weight. I have never been a big eater but I don’t eat the right foods especially now that I am alone. I am thinking salads. Yes that is what I will have to do is just live off salads now until I die. I am always so happy with myself when I make up my mind to do something.

About an hour down the road I finally am coming into my small town and I spot Dairy Queen. I am too tired to go to the grocery store so I think to myself oh just spurge on one of their salads and shop tomorrow. Well ladies I pull up to the drive in window and they ask what can they get for me and your not going to believe what I ordered. Why I did it is a question I am still asking myself today but I said, “I’ll have a large ice cream cone, Please!” I did bigger than Dallas ordered an ice cream cone. Not a small one or medium but a large one. What in heavens name comes over me when only earlier in the same day I was freaking out about the numbers on the scales. Geezzzzzzzzzzzz Marie!!!

Like Scarlett says, “Tomorrow is another day!”

You ladies no me I hate to get serious but I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow at all. Over the weekend a young man was arrested for breaking into a home. I was off sick and my partner called me Sunday night and ask me if I had been watching the Houston news. I told him no and he explained to me that this guy he had booked in for burglary had killed five of his family members just hours before he was brought in Sunday. My partner said He was standing near his holding cell and the guy casually said, “Oh now I remember what I did last night, I killed my brother. Turns out it was not only his brother but mother, father, sister and niece. This has been on my mind for two days now because will I have to be around this guy 12 hours every day I work for a long time possibly up to a year. I am already dealing with four young men that killed a doctor so now this. I am actually worried about how I will act around him, No doubt I will be praying that I can be as professional as I can possibly be but I would be lying if I said it will not be easy. What is our world coming too?

Also I wanted to thank everyone that has written a post about the horrible tragedy in Haiti. We all need to really pray for these poor people and to help them if we are able too. May God be with them and give them the strength to make it through this.

Once again ladies thank you for all your wonderful comments, emails and cards. I thank God every night for all of you. Also a big thank you and welcome to my new followers. I hope to visit your sites soon.

Oh and last but not least my sweet precious Christi made it safely home from her business trip to Barcelona, Spain. Hopefully she will send me some pictures and I can share them with all of you. Spain I still can not believe my daughter was in Spain for a week and did not bring me back a Handsome Matador.

Sweet Dreams,



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