Sunday, January 24, 2010


SAVING HAITI one bead at a time is what this precisous little girl named ANNIE is doing! When I visited her moms site this past week I knew what I wanted my next Temptation Mondays post to feature. Isn't she just beautiful inside and out. I had to share this with all of you.

I pasted this paragraph and pictures from Libbies site The Middlest Sister..

When I told Annie about all that is going on in Haiti...I will never forget the horror on her face. She said, "Mom we have to go there no matter how far away it is & help."

When I explained that we can't go there but we could help in other ways she said, "Let's give them ALL our money and send Dad to work tomorrow to make more money for us."

That is when I said, "Annie, we can't give away ALL our money, but, if you had money you could give it to them. Maybe you could make something to sell."

When she got home from Kindergarten at noon she worked for 6 hours stright making bracelettes. I could not believe how hard she worked!

These bracelets are beautiful and if you have been wondering like me how can I help the devastated people of this country then be sure and visit Libbies sweet little Annie.

Annie honey I am so proud of you and your hard work will save a little girl and boy!

Thank you for being my special guest this week....and God Bless You Sweetie from the bottom of my heart.

Remember if you want to be listed on my Temptation Mondays be sure and send me an email with a link to your site and pictures of what you want to have on here.

Love to all of you


PS: For all of you who have been wanting to see the ole farm house that I live in I posted pictures of it in the post before this one.  Thanks to all of you who left me sweet comments about the house. It is great in the summer but you freeze in it in the winter. lol


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