Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Hello everyone! Its always good to here from all of you and so happy you enjoyed the post about Annie. Isn't she just a doll!

Today I wanted to share a little about Tinkerbell with you all. As most of you know she is my housemate in my little ole country house. The picture above is how my friend litterally wakes me up every morning at 3:30 am regardless if it is a working day and I have to be up or my day off. Somehow she has her own alarm system and it goes off on time every morning.  And yes my sweet friends she does wake me up just as the clip shows punching me on the face until I open my eyes. Who ever thought that I would live alone at my age and have a Maine Coon cat slapping the heck out of me to get me up every morning. What ever gave her the idea that this is how it is done beats the heck out of me. Where she got the idea also baffles me. I honestly don't have to worry about sitting two alarms because she is my second one that usually goes off before the real one. It is really funny because she will not stop until I get up. Of course her objective for doing this is being fed. Even on my days off I have to stumble to the kitchen and feed her.  You know I just thought of something. If I were smart I would have a tiny bowl covered waiting to give her on my days off. Oh well I guess that would make too much sense.  Knowing me I will just keep stumbling to the kitchen. My co-workers not being understanding cat lovers said "I would toss the darn cat across the room!" Shame on them thinking I could do that to my friend.

Another habit she has is to follow me into the bathroom whenever I go into it. Does not matter day or night she has to be there when I am in that room.

She has a certain game she likes to play with me and once again I do not know where she learned to do this but it is tooooooo funny. While I am sitting on the pot she runs and jumps into the claw foot tub which sits in the middle of the room.( Yes your not seeing things it is painted pink) As soon as she lands inside she crouches down and hides where I can not see her. Even her big tail is out of eyesight. Then she patiently waits for me to tear a strip of toilet tissue and say "Where Are You! Where Are You!" After several sweeps with the toilet tissue and saying this she jumps up and grabs the tissue. I am telling you ladies this can go on for several minutes until I finally just have to end the game. She loves it!  Sometimes I am in a hurry and do not have the time to entertain her but matters not to her.

However the other morning after having a bean burrito the day before it seems I found a way to shorten the game by accident. lol  All of a sudden before I could even swipe the tissue once across the top of the tub she jumps straight up and leaps out of the tub and runs out the door. Honestly ladies I don't believe I have ever seen my fat cat run that fast. hahahaha It kind of scared me at first because I have been told the house is haunted but I finally realized it was the smell that got her out of there. lol

Sorry ladies but I had to share this with you all. Hope your having a great week.

Love to all of you



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