Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grandmayellowhairs Magazine First Copy!

                                                                        ART OF MINE

Hello ladies I have been wanting to start something new on my site and Susan of Art of Mine agreed to be the first one to help me with my project.  As most of you know on Mondays I try to highlight other bloggers that have creative blogs where they also sell their works of art. It is a fun way to introduce others to others. Isn't that what in the end this is why blogging is so addictive and fun. So my idea is to introduce other bloggers to you but let them tell you a story. If I had a magazine it would be like the People Magazine but of Real People not actors. (of course if Clint baby wanted an interview my magazine would make a one time exception) Right now I don't have my own magazine but I do have this site where awesome Real people connect with me so in one of my moments of thinking about all of you I thought why wait do it now. Let these precious new friends of yours tell their story. Everyone has a story to tell. I truly believe that and so thank you Susan for being my first friend to tell her story. Enjoy Susan story and my next story comes from a sweet Real blogger lady who has agreed to help me which  is Brenda over a one of our favorite sites Cozy Little House.

Also ladies do not forget about the Ms Ruby's Chocolate Giveaway ending March 4th. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on that post and be a follower. Oh and ladies you are all too funny with the comments about my picture. Never have I been beautiful but I love hearing it. hahaha...and never have I taken a good picture....oh maybe my wedding picture but believe me when I say I am far from beautiful....

My good friend Maggie recently asked me to do something for her. She asked me

if I would write something on her blog, something about myself, a story...Mmm I thought where to start? Well recently I read somewhere that "Your story begins at home",so my friends that is where I will begin. I promise not to bore you too much!!

My name is Susan and I live in a small town in Georgia. I have not always lived here though. I was born in Miami, Fl. many moons ago. I grew up in Denver, Co. and raised a family in New Jersey. I also lived for awhile in Connecticut and also in England for 5 years.

As you can tell I have been around the block...quite a few of them in total.

I am married to a great man and have three grown sons and two grandsons along with

two step sons and one step daughter. My Mom who recently turned 90 years young

also lives with us, and...we have a great cat, his name is Sam, he is middle aged and loves

to nap almost all the time! Don't we all??

I cannot remember a time when I did not want to draw or color/paint or sew.

Being creative is and has always been a burning desire within me.

I believe that God gives everyone a special gift to be shared and I believe that this is mine.

I strongly believe that this creative gene is also passed down through our families.

In doing research on my family's Geneology for over 30 years now I have found a common thread of self expression especially on my fathers side of the family, from drawing, to being an architect, to building beautiful furniture. This creative gene in our family has been passed down now into the sixth generation.

In full circle of telling you a bit about myself, I want you to know that my creative

spirit has brought me here to this chapter in my life. One night while surfing the internet

I was searching for other ladies to connect with who loved creating the same things

as I do, as a result I found all of you here in Blogland and my life since then ( just a few months ago) has changed so much. I have met some of the most creative and talented women. I am struck with awe at your astonishing works of art, not to mention your generosity, kindness of heart and the giving spirit of Love. Time and again I find wonderful women who's art amazes and inspires me. Many a spirit you all have lifted I am sure.... including mine....Thank you!

God Bless you Maggie dear and Thank you for your Loving Heart of Friendship to us all.

Susan in Georgia

Great story Susan and thank you very much.

Sweet Dreams everyone



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