Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am thinking I should try the Diane Keaton look!!!

Hello ladies thank you for joining me tonight as always I am so grateful to all of you for leaving me such thoughtful comments on my Temptation Mondays post. I am always happy when someone wants to post their wonderful things on my site. Who knows one of these days I might sell those pants that I was wearing on Monday. Seriously I should start selling on here myself so I can buy me some new lingerie.

The reason I bring new lingerie up is I put on a pullover knit turtleneck and ladies when I looked in the mirror I had more than two nipples. I kid you not I was looking at two are three nipples on each side of my breast. Weird right even for me! Well thank goodness I noticed it before I left the house. Yep that would not have been good parading around town with extra nipples. I twisted, pulled and lifted but no matter how many times I tried to adjust myself  I still could not fix the problem. Not only was it extra nipples but one side looked like it was sagging lower than the other side. Lord getting old is not for the weak. Nope and not for me either….. I put on the turtleneck because the other night when I was on hold with Verizon about my bytes I turned and looked in the mirror and I could of swore I saw what look like the start of a chicken neck. Oh man I am so not ready for all these changes. I may turn into Diane Keaton with all her turtlenecks. I wonder what kind of bras she wears. Probably not ones I can afford….Right!!! Boy when I think of how many bras and panties I could buy with the money I am sending Verizon for my overage. Wow we could all go shopping.

Anyway it is time for grandmayellowhair to invest in some new bras that lift a little and maybe ones that are firm(or make you look firm) and hide breast that are not that young anymore and some new turtlenecks too.. So any suggestions on what kind I should shop for ladies. What is your favorite bra? Help me out here as always I trust you can help me.

Hope your all having a great week. Hard to believe we are into the month of February already…..I have to admit though this ole grandma is so ready for warmer weather. My utility bill was a whopping 500.00 dollars and if I had been warm during that month I would not have minded as much for the high bill but since I froze my dooper off it was so not worth it. Lol Dooper is word my grandbabies make me use instead of the bad word they call it.

Oh your not going to believe this but I won another giveaway. Yep the blogger angels are really watching out for me. I won the most beautiful headbands on sweet Meghans site The Perfect Compilation Tape

Be sure and visit her and see my giveaway and when I get them I will model for you……not the new bras but the new head bands.

So ladies its getting late and back to the ole Sheriffs office tomorrow. Life there is really stressful but nothing new…..

Take care ladies and as always I appreciate all of you and

Sweet Dreams!



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