Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello my sweet friends ENJOY the Valentine I got from a fellow Officer the other day. Isn't it cute!

Today I started building a raft out here on the north forty! Why?, you ask…..because it is freaking raining cats, dogs, pigs, horses and cows here in my part of Texas. I know that rain is nothing to complain about we all know that by summer here in Texas we will be begging for it but ladies this cold rainy weather is making Ms Pearl antsy and real hard to contain. So silly of me to gripe about mud holes and mud holes when you sweet things have snow coming out of the kazoos….Right?

This ole grandma is so ready for spring so she can shave her legs, paint her toenails pink and put on her short shorts and sandals… (I wish) Seriously every time I take a darn bath in this ole freezing farm house I think about my all time favorite Laura Ingalls and her family Little House on the Prairie or Kitty on Gunsmoke…..How in world did these people take baths much less go to the pooper in the freezing cold. Lord knows I am sure my sweet Mama had to do it too but how!!!!

I keep a oil heater going in the bathroom next to the ole claw foot tub then 20 minutes before my bath I turn it off and turn on a small looking heater that is suppose to look like a wood burning fireplace. Then I turn up the heat pump to 75 and run the hottest water I can stand before I can even stick my big toe in the tub. Truth be known if I would not blow the breaker I would have all three going at the same time. Weenie, yes I guess I am when it comes to taking my clothes off and getting in water in the winter time. No wonder they only took baths once a week. OMG they probably would have had to chase me down and hog tie me to get me to undress and get in a dang tub that is full of lukewarm water. Oh no…heck no not me!! I would of smelled like some of those inmates over at the county jail if I had been born back then.

Well enough of my complaining about the weather. Spring will be here soon followed by summer where I will be telling you how I wish it would rain so I could take a day off from mowing.

I really sat down here to do a post about something entirely different and yet my mind wondered off to mud holes and freezing cold doopers. Also before I wonder off again I wanted to copy and paste the comment I left all of you who left me such kind comments about sending cards to our troops. Just think at least 50 or more cards were sent out because of you guys taking the time to do so. I hope you all save the address and keep sending them because bless their hearts they are so far away from family and friends and need our support. My silly comment to you guys on the last post

I am sitting here listening to Elvis sing to me Your Always on My Mind from #4 on my music list and with him singing that while I reading all your sweet comments tears started coming out of my big brown eyes dripping on my dirty lap top...then I turn to my left because Tinkerbell is slapping my leg and I look into a huge mirror and I kid you not my hair is standing straight up just like a punk rock star would wear it. Then I die laughing because Crazy starts playing by Patsy Cline so now I am falling out of my chair laughing and the tear drops are still on the key pad. hahahaha OMG am I Crazy or what....

Now Twitty is singing its only Make Believe ...then before I can finish this sentence Twist comes on with Chubby Checkers...never knew one minute on my playlist your crying the next your laughing your dooper off....

Girls what in the heck would I do without all of you in my life...I think I am in love with all of you...

Oh no now Ricky is singing Garden Party...I give to go comb my hair, then clean my laptop and slap Tinkerbell for making me look in that

Love and thanks to all of you

and Thank you for sending these cards out to our guys and girls who deserve our Thank You's

feel free to copy and paste to all of your sites


Stay dry and warm and know that I am thinking happy warm thoughts about all of you!


Sweet Dreams


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