Monday, February 15, 2010


I received this email from Gail and thought I should share it with you! Gail is the beautiful one on the left and the one that looks just like her is her talented daughter Meghan.

I was thinking about your Monday posting and I thought my NEAR and DEAR T shirts and necklaces would be perfect to highlight if you don't have an item yet. I figure with Valentines day and February Heart Disease Awareness month it is a perfect time to higlight these. Libbie is going to do  a

T shirt for a give away. Let me know if you are interested. I don't know if you know what they are about, briefly, my 18 yr old daughter lost both of her grandfathers to heart disease. She was particularly close to my dad. She was constantly being dragged to hospitals and the nursing home to see him from the time she was 8. Even before that when she was 2 she was dragged to the hospital during his cancer bout. You see before his heart problems he had colon cancer....then pancreatic cancer. He was one of the 5% lucky ones who survived it. Only to go on and have 4 strokes a heart attack, and heart failure only to end up in a nursing home. Not only did she see what a fighter he was, she watched the whole thing play out from the perspective of how it affected her mother, grandmother and aunts. She thought about a way to honor her grandfather after his death and came up with the Near and Dear items. She did it in collaboration with my etsy store Obee Designs, my father's last name, which I am doing to honor my artistic and creative father. The news came last week to tape a story about her and the business. Unfortunately due to all the snow we have gotten up here in New Jersey, they haven't had time to run the story yet. It may be running next week When I get a copy of the story I am going to post it on my blog so hopefully people will understand the whole concept better. The necklaces and t shirts have her artwork of a heart with wings which was chosen to be in the Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital Art Show last year. It is a very big heart hospital in the Philadelphia region that does heart transplants etc. So it was a big accolade that her art was chosen. Anyway, the necklaces have a custom photo of someone you  would like

These necklaces are beautiful and the reason behind them being created makes them even more special. What a great gift or giveaway. hmmmm gives me an idea!!!
MY CRAZY friend Libbie over at The Middlest Sister is giving away one of these T-shirts so stop by and put your name in the pot. If you remember Libbie is the mother of precious Annie who does the bracelets for Haiti. You can read about Annie on an earlier post of mine.

Sharon always is working on something creative and beautiful. I can say from experience and gifts from this adorable Georgia peach she not only beads jewelry but can make something beautiful out of anything. God had really blessed this young lady and now me with having her as a friend.

I so love showing you all the gifted blogger friends wonderful creations. If at any time you want to be on my Mondays posting just email me along with a link to your blog and pictures of what you would like featured. Also I might add put Temptation Mondays in the subject line that way I want loose your email. I have been known to do that and I hate it.
There are so many other blogging friends out there that I would love to have on here. Please stop by my other Temptation Mondays post and check them out also.

Ladies the sun is shining for the first time in my world today so this ole grandma is going outside! Toooooooooo muddy to get on the tractors but I know there are others things that have to be done so until later I wish all of you the most beautiful day and if you don't think of anything else today think of me.......hahahahaha
Love to all


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