Wednesday, February 17, 2010


   Today is about how generous and lovely bloggers truly are. In the past four months I have won several great giveaways and also received just as many thoughtful beautiful gifts in the mail. So I had to share these lovelies with all of you!

Annie over at her moms site The Middlest Sister  made me some of these pretty  bracelets and two are just a like for Kaci and myself to have mattching bracelets. How sweet of you Annie not only to think of me but Kaci too. I can not wait to see her and show her who made these bracelets and why! Thank you Annie for making these bracelets to help the people from Haiti. I love mine and will always think of you when I wear it!

                                                                           Kate at Auntie Cakes

Beautiful Kate is Aunt to sweet Annie and of course sister to Libbie. Kate being the sweetheart she is made me a lovely white heart  with a pink roses for Valentines, and I hung it in my bedroom where I blog so I can awe over it everyday....  
Thank you so much the heart is beautiful and something I will love forever! It must of took you hours to make it. Lovely!


For Valentines I recieved this beautiful handmade heart from the lovely Georgia peach Sharon. Once again this heart reminds me of how talented, gifted and generous all of your are out here in blogland. Thank you Sharon I will cherish this forever and hang it also where I can enjoy it everyday. Check Sharons site out she makes jewelry too.

Our darling, Karyn at FRENCH CHARMING had a Lisa Leonard Jewelry giveaway in November and I won it. It was a very generous gift certificate to Lisa's shop and she had so much to pick from I like to have never made up my mind. I finally ordered the wish necklace and had it engraved with the saying "hope with jdrf......which stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. As most of you know my sweet Kaci diagnosed with this in July and was only 7 at the time. I thought she and I could share this really lovely necklace. Thank you so much Karyn for doing this giveaway. I adore the necklace and will always think of you when Kaci or I wear it.

Carin at the CROSS STITCH GIANT had a first anniversary giveway in November and I won these counted cross stitch charts.  I am excited about winning these and hope to have them both finished by Christmas holidays so guess who had to get busy! Aren't they cute.  Thank you Carin for sending me the wonderful charts.

MEGHAN    at The Perfect Compilation Tape had a giveaway which was this beautiful headband!
It is so lovely and I know once my Kcai sees it I will not have it any longer.
Just beautiful don't you think....Thank you very much Meghan for this giveaway!

LISA at Davis Dialogues had a giveaway for this book that I have heard is very good so I am excited about receiving it soon. Lisa is a new nana so be sure and congratulate her. Her daughter had a son.
Thank you Lisa I will let you know as soon as it gets here!

Since I consider myself as one lucky lady for winning all these giveways in the last three or four months. Maybe its time for another giveaway from Grandmayellowhair! So in the next few days I will announce another giveaway so that means you just have to come back to enter and to find out what it will be! lol

Also my daughter Christi will be upset with me for mentioning this but I so believe in the power of prayer so I will just take the chance of her not seeing this post. Yesterday she phoned me and told me her doctor found a lump on her left breast. Since I am a breast cancer survivor myself I totally wanted to just cry but instead I started praying. So my sweet friends I am asking for you all to lift my daughter Christi up in prayer that this lump is just a benign cyst. As always I love all of you  and thank you for always stopping by and making me smile!

Christi and Kaci

Sweet Dreams!


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