Sunday, March 7, 2010


I mentioned in an earlier post that I am having a sponsored giveaway. This will be my first of this type of giveaway and you ladies need a break from the Chocolate Giveaways. Right! Why am I having another giveaway so soon because we need to celebrate the coming of Spring and the end of a long cold winter.

So in the next few days or sooner I will do a post about a giveaway from the Sponsor  CSN Stores. I actually have a giveaway right now on my side bar for one of theirs that I'm a Sleeper Baker blogger is doing. Check her giveaway out and see what you think!

Only fair that I give you a LITTLE hint about where you use this item that is being given away........

No silly not in my yours....even though I do need what I am giving way very badly! lol
Maybe the sponsor will feel sorry for me and send me a set too.....
So be sure you keep an eye out for this giveaway!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Be sure and read my post before this that Marydon wrote for all of us!
Sweet Dreams!


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