Monday, March 1, 2010



As most of you know Ms. Pearl has been rather quiet as of lately and no one appreciates that more than me but sometimes she comes out like the big black cloud of smoke that appears in the TV show LOST and like that cloud of smoke she destroys whatever is in her path.

Yesterday morning I had to work at the Sheriffs Office so my alarm is set for 3:30 am. In an earlier post I mentioned that my cat Tinkerbell was my other alarm because she starts slapping me about 3:15 am every morning regardless if it is a day off. As if someone has internally reset Tinkerbell she now usually goes off an hour early with the paw slapping. This has been going on now for a week or more. Needless to say this is not good. She’s lucky I haven’t moved her to the front porch.

Okay back to the story. I get up, feed her and put my uniform on and gather up my lunch, Dotty’s food (my outside dog) and the farm cat’s food and head out the door. I open the front door and then the screen door but before I can shut the door two of the Tom cats run inside. Geezzzzzzzzzz Marie what now!!! I drop everything in my hands and run back into the house and what do I see? Tinkerbell strutting her stuff…now mind you I have never seen a real pussy cat strut her stuff but believe me when I say in a matter of seconds she turned into a Streetwalker. Her butt and tail were just a swishing and you would have thought I had set an extra bowl of tuna out for her. OMG I was embarrassed for the silly girl.

At once, I grabbed her and ran for the back room to lock her up away from her Temptations and hurried back to the Tom Cats. About the time I enter the living room their headed up the stair way. I am thinking OH NO not up there too much stuff to hide under I will never get them out the door. You see my plan somehow was to chase them out the door because these cats have never been picked up and even though it was only 4:15 in the morning I knew I did not want to look like shredded pork for the rest of the week. I screamed all the way up the stairs while trying to beat them to that room. Made it closed the door and chased them back down the stairs.

Believe me you can not herd cats like cows. One went under the table the other went under the couch. They exchanged places for about ten minutes back and forth. I remembered I was already due at work so I phoned in late. Of course, no one believed me when I told them I was herding cats out of my house.

About another ten minutes in the chase, my head spins around and around and Ms. Pearl came out like I have never seen her. Enough was enough. She had grabbed a broom and went to swinging it with a vengeance. Girlfriends this ole girl did not care what she broke or who she broke but those cats were history. Now I know why they have nine lives. Not sure if it was the broom or the voice of Ms. Pearl but the biggest Tom Cat found the front screen door but instead of pushing it open he went through the bottom of it putting a huge hole in the screen. A few minutes later his scared friend went through the same hole.

Needless to say I was late for work missed my shift meeting and had to explain the ordeal to men who I knew would never believe me.

About ten minutes into my shift they bring me four punks in accused of Aggravated Robbery….one of them thinks he is going to act just like he does on the street but when he saw that cloud of black smoke appear it was all over…..

Today I have to talk to my Tinkerbell about the birds and the bees and how to be a lady! Goodness does she need help there.

Now for Temptation Mondays more cats….lol….Gina over at Cat Nap Inn Primitives has three remarkable dolls she has made and their for sale ladies. Once again the creativeness of all of you totally leaves me speechless. I know your thinking that’s not going to happen Maggie speechless.

Enjoy these unusual dolls and stop over and tell Gina what you think! I am in love with the Easter Bunny myself. Had enough of Cats for awhile…hahahaha

Ok ladies I need help naming my latest project. I am trying to do a post often about Real People and the first guest was Susan who we all loved her story. So do I name it Real People or do I name it Grandmayellowhairs Magazine or what are your suggestions. Also Brenda is my next guest which is busy writing her story as of this moment and will get it to me soon. I promise you do not want to miss her writing.

Don't forget the Chocolate Giveaway is coming to a close in a few days so if you have not entered then Ms Pearl will pay you a visit. hahaha

Ms. Pearl is going to get me fired one of these days and then I really will need to do a magazine.....Oprah are you hiring...

Love to all of you may the sunshine on you today and the snow go away until next year.



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