Monday, March 8, 2010


Welcome ladies to another Temptation Mondays post. Meet my new ranch hand Roy! He sure makes mowing a lot more fun. lol  .....Boy o' boy!  Is he a Roy or what!

Geez Marie! Shut the barn door for a minute!

Today I wanted to introduce you to new friend of mine Carol, that is very creative and with the help of her hubby turns out some really great primitive items that I am falling in love with. lol

Her blog is  Fire Cracker Kid and look at a few of the items Carol wanted to share with us today.

Carol also has a etsy shop so be sure and visit it for other Temptations.

Gina has for you a Crow Calender To add a touch of Prim and Whimsy to your Country/prim home..She machine embroidered each calender month on 100% wool felt. The wood is 18x10 painted black and sanded along with the clothespins..It can hang or lean against something..
How pretty is this!
 Click on these ladies shops for more items!

Remember if you want an item put on my Temptation Mondays just email me with a link to your site and a picture of the items.


I will try not to make this too long!  As I have bored you guys before I get up at 3:30 am and put on my uniform. Well most of us are creatures of habit and since I have a very limited amount of time to do everything I usually have a routine and stick as close to it as possible getting out the door.  One of the things I do is (silly I know) I put back on my pajama top over my uniform shirt so when I fix my hair I don't mess up my uniform. Well I had hit the snooze button that morning and that is a NO NO because like I said time is short.  Anyway after I fixed my hair in a hurry.....I grab my sheriffs jacket, lunch bag, cat food, dog food and run out the door.

First thing every morning is our Shift meeting....well I noticed the Sgt looking at me funny but I thought little of it and started my day. About an hour into the shift I run to the little girls room....well I  first take off my jacket and then my Utility belt......and yes there was my pink polka dot pajama top bigger than Dallas still on me! OMG  how could I have drove to work, had a shift meeting and worked for an hour with a pink pj top on and nobody tell me!
What really worries me is HOW did I not notice it!
Well I, of course, take it off and hide it in my locker until I get off. Praying that no one even noticed the darn thing.
No such luck.....when I went back to my locker at 5pm it was hanging on the outside of my locker door!  What a idiot I am for thinking no one noticed!
This reminded me of  me in the 5th grade when I went to school with my pajama bottoms on under my dress.  It was a major thing for a young girl to do and try to hide in the 5th grade. Oh how I remember that day! It has been buried in my brain for a while but never will I forget it!
Please tell me you all have done the very same thing too!
Love to all


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