Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Warrenton is here again!
 Naturally the first day out was ugly cold and raining! Always happens during the show!

I seriously needed this diversion today after dealing with a guy coming off PCP for two straight days. He drove me almost to the point of handing him the key and telling him to run Forrest Run! But he was so freaking crazy I thought I had better leave him where he was but Geezzzzz Marie that was a mistake too… I paid dearly for two straight days.

My girlfriend, Sharon and I thought we would chance the weather but sadly it was just too miserable for us to stay very long. In our younger days, I would have had to hog tie Sharon to the back of the car to drive off from there but she was as miserable as myself.

Sharon and I have been friends so long people think we are sisters! Always whereever we go they ask us that. I think today was the first time but we were only out there maybe two the most...she loves pink and one day I will do a post about her.

I wanted to get some one to take our picture and never did ask so next time out I will have to remember…..but I did manage to get two of Sharon…one of her hiding behind a hippo and the other of her foot…

We ate a chicken salad sandwich that was ok nothing to write home to momma about but it was in a dry halfway warm building with lots of other friendly shoppers. Of course, we had to try their chocolate cake but it was store bought and I finishing it off for my supper now..... My camera kept going on and off so not many pictures to share this trip….tomorrow my friend, Alan wants to drive out there but will have to wait and see about the weather..he has a very understanding girlfriend that lets him go to Warrenton with me every year...I guess being a lot younger than me she sees me as no threat...hahahaha....Believe me after dealing with men all day I could be with Clint baby and probably not flirt with him...

I was trying to show you a really bright chandeliar..half my pictures did not take today....must of been the weather  .....not me!

Hope you’re all doing good and are behaving! Did you not love Dan’s story from the previous post! If you missed it be sure and check it out….also I added a Blogazine Guest button under my headboard for access to their stories. Today I heard from a very special popular blogger that we all love who agreed to write a story when she gets caught up so we have that to look forward to. No I can’t tell you what if she never gets caught up…hahaha

Love to all



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