Friday, March 19, 2010


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Yep this is going to be one of those long drawn out post about my how stupid my days can be working for the Sheriff’s Dept.

After two days off from there and physically exhausted from mowing and tree removal at the north forty I return back to work in hopes of a boring day as Barney Fife. Shift meeting is over by 5am and I checking my uniform to make sure I had worn nothing extra to work this morning (see several post ago) No pink pj’s so I feel good and ready to rock and roll. Well rock and roll is just what I did for the next 12 hours.

Before 5:30 am a couple is arrested for domestic violence. We separate them as fast as possible because if given the chance they wanted to continue their dance that they had started earlier at home. I have to ask doesn’t anyone sleep anymore…geezzzzz it’s 5 in the morning.

I take the angry female with me and start the booking process. Angry is not quite the descriptive word I looking for but you get the picture. She cooperates fairly well with getting her fingerprints and pictures and I put her in a cell. Five minutes later she is hitting the emergency button telling me that she needed medical attention. I return back to her cell and she is showing me a place on her arm and screams to me that her meat is falling off her arm. Whatever the heck that means. It looked like a small scratch to me but I am no doctor. She’s begging me for to get the sheriff up there to see her arm and to take care of her.

Now we all know that I am not going to wake up the Sheriff and tell him that there is a lady that needs to see him because her meat is falling off her arm. Give me a break! Since when does the Sheriff make rounds in a jail? I guess she was raised watching the Andy Griffith show. Ok Officer Maggie does her best to calm the woman down and I bring her some anti-bacterial spray, gauze and tape to maybe quiet the idiot down.

Well I am proud of me for being the kind Officer to do this and I walk up to her little bean hole and I try to hand her this stuff and she sticks her head in the hole and screams….You want me to use that on my arm….why you stupid white bit-- Dumb---!!!!

Ok! I said, “I beg your pardon what did you call me?” and she said you heard me YOU Stupid White B---- Dumb--!!!!!

If you follow my blog you know without me even telling you who appeared in the next few seconds of this conversation with this woman. Yep Ms Pearl reared her angry head!!!

It was not a pretty site and needless to say I did not leave the bandages for her to use. For the next 11 hours that fool beat and kicked on her cell walls and doors loud and long enough that the Chief made several appearances from the front of the building wanting to know what was going on. Never would I have guessed they could hear all of that going on several floors away but they did.

She not only was banging but she was calling me every name in the book and then some she made up. It took a handful of Officers to put her in a chair to keep her from hurting herself. The whole time she continued to spray my name mixed with obscenities while this was taking place.

We finally get her where she can’t hurt herself or anyone, and I head back toward the front and the men’s holding cell. Before I get there I hear a scream from holding and some nut had just planted his fist into her husband’s eye. He is squealing like Tyson had just hit him and I call for backup to separate them.

After separating them her spouse claims he can’t see out of the eye he was hit in. So guess who gets to take him to the emergency room. Yep and for the next hour or more I had to listen to him. He had already been beaten by my new friend his wife and then his new friend in the holding cell. I was starting to think he was having a worse day than me.

We get back to the jail and she is still screaming but at least the banging had stopped. By this time the Judge get’s there to magistrate them and he and I are going over their paper work and he say’s ….”What kind of person has 10 warrants out for them?” and Ms. Pearl said “A freaking Dumba--!”

Yep Ms. Pearl came out again!  Hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend....I will be mowing the North Forty because it's still not finished. At least there will only be the humming of the tractor for me to listen to. At one time dealing with that crazy woman I thought where is Kate (our professional football player) when I need her. I also have to drive out to Round Top and Warrenton and see if they have set up the tents for the big Antiques Fair...sometimes they come in early. I love that show.

Be sure and check back in for our Blogazine story. Ms Bunny will be our next guest from I'm Just Sayin or something like that....hahahaha

Love to all



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