Sunday, March 28, 2010

YES Warrenton Again!

This is Warrenton! I took this off of the highway to show you how these tents stretch for twenty miles down this road. OH Yes on both sides too!
THIS is my sweet friend Sharon! She loves painted furniture and can even do it herself! Very talented lady and beautiful too. In my earlier post some of you have mistaken Sharon for me which is okay by me since she is very pretty! We are asked all the time are we sisters! I say yes sometimes because no one believes us when we tell the She took pictures of me and I took them of her so when I get my pictures from her I will share them with you.
Actually this guy selling flowers used my camera to take a picture of us together and it did not take on mine but it did on Sharons... She bought several and their in my sunny hallway as I type this. Sharon wants me to take care of them for a while. OH Dear!!!
Enlarge this picture and look at the lamp! As you noticed I don't take pictures of just one item in a booth because I have found that some vendors frown on picture I try to be nice and step back out of the tent and snap!
There's nothing you can not find out here! Even ole women on their bikes!

Sharon and her daughter Misti who met us out there about 5pm....we were already worn out by then!

Yes there were butts hanging around too! Sorry could not resist this picture!

Junk and more Junk....wish you all here with me! I told Sharon she and I may have to do a booth next year because its getting harder and harder to walk these fields.....

Hope you enjoyed my day at Warrenton with Sharon!


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