Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogazine Guest Shelly!

It's such a great way to start my week introducing a new friend out here in our world of blogging.

Shelly is someone you will feel an instant connection with and will enjoy her lovely site. So say hello to Shelly from Bungalow Bling!

So Maggie asked me to tell you a bit about Me. I've been blogging for a little over a year. But "Bungalow Bling" came to be about 9 months ago when I started crafting things for friends. It started with a Wedding Cake Topper, then a Birthday Cake Topper,,,a crown, and well a few things for the darling girlie "Frou frou" shop I work in called "Joyworks." More crowns, more crafts, more Toppers,,,,,,yadda yadda!

Joyworks is a big part of my life, even though I've only worked on and off there part time for the last 10 years. We're located in cute little Historic Downtown Snohomish Washington, right on the River. I work, truly with the best group of women ever. They are my co-workers, yes, but also my dear friends and I consider them all family! We're all different,,have different strengths and weaknesses, but get along well! Joyworks is the vision of my dear boss Clarice, now 73, who still works Full time! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say you SHOULD check out the Joyworks blog too, where Clarice's talented and wonderful daughter Jana posts regularly. ( )

I'm active in the Chamber of Commerce. My "Baby" is the Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest, which actually takes place tomorrow! I'm also involved in the Historic Society and my home was on the Parlour Tour this year for Christmas,,,,,all "done up" in it's finery for the masses to peruse! I had fun decorating,,,,for say,,,,6 weeks prior to the Event!

That said, I've lived in the Historical district of this little town on the Snohomish River for over 30 years now. I live in a little 90 something Craftsman Bungalow with my "fur babies."

I have a Golden Retriever (Kodi) my love and "flunkie" whom I purchased from a school that trains guide and companion dogs. Kodi's abit ADD,,,and didn't past muster their program,,,,,so I got my "Mark down dog" from them them around the age of two. He's a love,,,but bull headed! I also have a Black Lab Mix,,,,Shadow, the runt of 8 who thinks she is boss,,I actually acquired her from a rental tenant that was neglecting her. I also have two "Tuxedo" kitties, Holly, "my special needs kitty, who is a "case"-she was adopted and returned twice before I got her. Holly doesn't say "meow" she says "ME NOW!" And, my last critter, "Tuxie" is a small but mighty hunter I inherited about a year and a half ago, when my mother passed away. They are a constant source of love and entertainment.

I also own a little cottage directly behind me where my son and former Marine, Andrew, 25 lives with his roomie,,,aka my other son, Frank. They're all "buff and stuff" and help me with things like opening jars and releasing the ocassional "prey" that Tuxie catches! ackk!

I've been creating most of my life. In my teen years, I made all my clothes, costumes for plays, ski clothes, and eventually wedding gowns and nursery items. Then, I ended up raising two little boys by myself for 13 years. The creativity kind of took a dive.

In 1994, I created a wedding gown and remarried. Three months later, I was widowed unexpectedly to say the least. My husband, Karl, was a pilot and aerial photographer, ironically, he died as the result of a car accident. One doesn't expect to be widowed at 37. Lots of pain, lots of tears, but I'd like to think that the grief taught me a lot about what IS important in life. Like, don't sweat the small stuff, USE the good dishes/towels. If you help others, your grief becomes more meaningful AND less. And always, always, always, tell people you love them.

I'd worked in Mgmt and Buying at Nordstrom and left there to work in Adverstising and eventually had my own company. When Karl died, I just needed a new direction and went back to College and got a degree. I've never used my Psychology degree, but I'm glad that I took time to learn new things and I think the College "kids" helped me be the best I could be and think towards the future. I'm an avid reader, I read various genre, on the average about 18 books a month. I LOVE to learn new things! My Kindle is my best electronic friend!

I also love "old stuff," vintage, antiques, repurposing, creating, collecting. I don't buy things because of Names,,,,,I buy things because they make me happy! I collect Angels and Cherubs, LOVE old pottery and dishes! Vintage postcard, for their graphics, but also for the fun old messages on the back side!

I've kind of gotten in "the Zone" the last year. I cannot wait to get in my studio and glitter/glue, create! It's a hunger, as many of you know! My cake toppers,,,,my recent Gallery Exhibit, gifts for friends, swaps, Loving it all! But mostly? Truly? Is all the wonderful friends I've met through blogging! My family is small, and some of you that I have met in this Venue, I truly consider part of my family. Thank you!

Oh Shoot, Maggie Dear, I hope I didn't go on too long, or put anyone to sleep!

Thanks for allowing me to share! I have SO loved meeting the folks that you have posted on your blog! Feel free to edit/cut/paste if I went overboard!

Hugs and Love you to "Pieces,"


Thank you Shell for doing this story for all of us and No you did not go overboard! Your story is in no way boring and I hated to read the part about your husband and loosing him so soon and suddenly after your marriage.. I am so sorry honey.


I love the way everyone has supported the Blogazine post. Being able to bring you all these lovely people does Tinkle me


Tonight I finally got on to my gmail for Blogazine and was surprised how many friends have sent me their stories for posting or publication. After all it is a Blogazine. So in all fairness to everyone I am posting your stories by the order I receive them in my email box. Just remember when you send me your story include a picture of yourself or of something you want with your story. Please don't be shy and wait for a invitation to be on here just send me your story.


Love to all



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