Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Old Men!

Just wanted to spend a little time with you tonight before turning in early. As you have heard me say a hundred time’s 3:30am comes to dang early… tomorrow it is back to the good ole roll of Barney Fife at the Sheriff’s Dept.

Hope everyone has had a productive and joyous week. To me it flew by just like the rest of the April. I worked around the ranch the last two days and wanted to share some of that with you this evening.

The lady that owns this place has a relative of hers come out about once a month and service the equipment that I use mowing. He lives about two hours from here so usually stays a day or two when he comes to work. In no way is he like the young hunks that I show you from time to time that I need for ranch hands….hahaha….Roy’s wife died a few years ago and he enjoys coming to the ranch for a break from his normal routine. I am guessing he is around 69 years old. He is very nice and when he first started doing this he kept asking me out and I kept turning him down. Mainly because he is totally not my type and there is no attraction there. None what so ever! I am not totally cruel and on occasions’ we have gone to a local café for lunch but with the understanding that it is not a date. It was hardest thing explaining to him that I was not interested in dating him but I think it finally sunk in and we are just friends.

Yesterday when Roy showed up he brought a friend along with him by the name of Charles. Charles is a neighbor of Roy’s and loves to come here so he can fish. Well they got here about noon and I talked to them for a few minutes and then told them I had to get some mowing done.

I think that was the last normal meeting I had with those two all afternoon. If you have ever seen the crazy movie with Jack Lemon, Walter Mathhau and Ann Margaret then you can somewhat understand the kind of afternoon I had with these two idiots.

Every few minutes while I was mowing one of them would show up on the Mule or another tractor, either bringing me water or just stopping me to talk. Now the first two or three times within an hour I did not think too much about it. Lord knows I needed to mow so I would hurry them on their way and no sooner would one leave the other showed up. Finally after several hours of this nonsense Charles shows up for probably the sixth time and we are talking I am trying not to be mad and then here comes Roy in the farm truck. I thought geeze Marie this is too freaking much.

I have Roy on one side of my tractor and Charles on the other. I finally say look guys I give up! Do you two realize that thanks to you I have got very little mowing done? Of course this was funny to them. Ends up they are begging me to go have dinner with them at a nearby Mexican place. Realizing they were not going to leave me alone I quit and went and had dinner with the two nuts. Charles kept us both laughing through out the meal and then we came home and I tried to hide in the house but ended up down at the Gazebo and fishing for a little while….it was just a crazy day. Before I left them at the fishing hole I made them both promise not to bother me at all the rest of the night and tomorrow when I had to mow. It was like talking to two kids. I’m not kidding you it was just too darn funny.

Anyway thank goodness this morning I mowed with only two interruptions and then the nuts left at noon. Thank goodness they did so I could mow.

Isn’t it strange how funny people can act. I was thinking about that while I was mowing. If I had been attracted to either of them I hate to think that I would of acted as foolish as they did with me. hahaha

I have to say it was the strangest day of mowing in a very long time! Tonight I will pray that poor Roy meets a really nice sweet lady and they fall madly in love. He is ready for that in his life and deserves it.

The only time I think I acted that silly was over a Warden of mine. Funny thing his name was Roy too. When he put on his cowboy hat with his tight fitting jeans I swear every female for miles around knees would go weak…and his eyes oh boy what pretty eyes.

I guess it’s a good thing Roy was not Roy….lol

Also wanted to wish my older brother Billy, a very Happy Birthday today! He is 63 and I just can not believe it. wow It only seems like yesterday he and I were kids at home playing baseball or football. This is him the day before Easter with my Kaci and Bailey on my front porch swing. Boy they love their Uncle Billy!

This is my Bailey on the John Deere I mow with. He and Kaci named it

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I will be dealing with Inmates instead of tractors but thats okay one day soon maybe I can retire and sit on the front porch swing...
Sweet Dreams,


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