Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get Well Wishes for Karyn and Julie!

Hello everyone! Could not go to bed tonight without telling you about two of our dear friends on here that need our prayers. I feel really guilty about doing a  post about my problems that are so small compared to what others on here are dealing with.
 These two ladies are so sweet and gracious to all and both have been going through some rough weeks. Karyn over at French Charming is suffering horribly with her neck and back. A injury she received from work a while back and it has only gotten worse. Karyn is hurting and I thought if we would all lift her up in prayer she will soon recover and be back writing and creating for all of us to enjoy.

Also another friend we all love is Julie from The Harwards.  Julie was recovering from surgery when she had to be life flighted to a hospital many miles from where she lives only to have another surgery. Goodness Julie has really had a rough time of it and also needs our prayers. So with our prayers I just know that Julie too will be back entertaining us all with her sweet post and lovely comments.

Ladies I know everyone misses you and wishes you well soon. Just take care of yourselfs and know that we are all thinking about you and love you. Wish I could send you both some real flowers.
I will be tickled pink when you both are back to blogging again.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Tomorrow morning I will be posting a story from another blogger on here that shares the name of Maggie too. Can you guess what blog is hers? Well come back in the morning and check out her will love it!

Sweet Dreams


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