Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Was Just Wondering!

Hello everyone!

First Thanks so much for alll the kind encouraging comments left to me on my previous post. Hope all of you are having a great restful weekend. Mine has been semi-crazy but no more than usual at the Sheriffs Dept. One more day and I am off from there for two days. Only one crazy today and it was me! hahaha No Ms Pearl minded her manners and kept her mouth shut most of the day. I did have to fuss at one guy who kept showing the crack in his butt. I finally made him put on a larger uniform but not before asking him in front of all his cellmates...How would you like me to walk around like that all day ....showing my old wouldn't be pretty and neither is yours! I guess Ms Pearl did come out once maybe.....

The last few months, I have been wanting to do a post about Blog Titles and just have never taken the time to do it. I have questions that I have been wanting to ask all of you and since its easier this way than to send each of you a email.....I guess you just have to cater to me on this one.

First how did all of you come by your Blog Title? Was it a hard decision for you or one of those decisions that just right away you knew what you wanted for you name. Its been almost a year since I named my site and if I remember right it was relatively hard for me but I finally thought oh heck its just going to be me and maybe one other person reading it so Just Between Me and You was created. hahaha

Second question I have been pondering too is if you could change your name what would you change it too. I would probably have to name mine AKA Ms. Pearl or Grandmayellowhair or 365 Ways to Ride a John Deere!

No just kidding but there are some funny names out here in blogland and some are my followers and hope they don't mind me using their names as examples but you have to admit these are some funny titles....All Men Are Dumb,I Are One,... Anything Fits A Naked Man,..... A Full Time Housefly, ....Not the Good Scissors,..... Queen B, ......Chickens in the Basement, ......Musing of a Sea Witch and of course hootianni....the list could go on and on. Tell me some titles that you think are funny or unusual!

Do men gnerally have funnier names than women for their sites? Have you ever went to a site just because of the name?

I know your thinking geeez Maggie thats a lot of questions for us to answer. Its not like I expect you to answer all of them but I do want you to answer at least the first one.  Come on just play along and help me out here.....I am expecting no less than  317 comments .....hahahahaha  Like I said, I Was Just Wondering!

Sweet Dreams



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