Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Tired!

Good gosh I feel like a 18 wheeler ran over me this morning and then backed up and did it again and all I did was work three days at the Sheriffs Office. I did not play professional football in Dallas this weekend against my sister Kate who plays for the Minnesota Vixens. (Kate and sister Libbie adopted me as their sister) Good grief Kate you have to feel like me this morning. Let us know how the game went and are you girls allowed to come back to Texas anytime soon….lol…been trying my best to get Kate and Libbie to do a Blogazine post for me but so far they are acting like step sisters…hahahaha

I had so wanted to be off this past weekend and drive to Dallas to see her play but my Sgt felt like I needed to work more than have fun. Story of this ole grandma’s life. Who knows maybe I will win the lotto and fly in for one of her home games.

Today I am off from the Sheriffs office but not the ranch. I have so many chores out here to do that I honestly don’t have a clue which one to do first or where to start. So what do I do I start a blogging post. Every few days it rains here so the grass is growing faster than the hair on ole Harry Cheeks butt….remember him. Sorry should not bring up past gross post especially on a Monday morning. I also have to deal with the house in town that the renters left in a wreck. It’s a good thing I can’t afford to run away because today would be the day to do it.

I get an email from my friend Sharon who is in Mexico for 5 weeks vacationing and the poor thing is complaining about her apt is too small. Sharon if you are reading this honey  how many times have I told you DO YOU not know how lucky and blessed you are! So enjoy yourself and the little apt. I do love you honey but Geezzzz Louise you could be living my life. What am I going to do with her?

Now back to my problems. Over the three days at work they were pretty average. Praise God no one murdered anyone since we already are dealing with 6 murders already with five of them in our jail to watch for the next few years. Ms. Pearl only came out once when a drunk called her Baby. As you know from past experiences with Ms. Pearl the poor guy drunk or not will probably never ever use the word Baby again in a sentence the rest of his life. After I thought about it I started laughing and a bit ashamed of Ms. Pearl but once words are out of your mouth you can’t take them back. Right!

Then one of our trustees I was talking to him and I noticed that he had carved up his arm real bad with the name of his son. It is sad when someone like him gets so depressed that they choose to mutilate their own body. Can you believe he used a pencil to do this and he cut it deep too. The danger of him getting staff infection is what I was concerned about besides his mental issues as well... I talked to him for a long time about this and not being a therapist I was trying to choose my words carefully. I also kept Ms. Pearl at bay even though she was dying to jump out and have her say. I wanted to immediately put him up and take away his trustee status but I felt like being short handed over the weekend I needed him closer to me than farther away so I let him stay out. I did a report for the Sgt to get him MHMR services today and do something with him. Sad just Sad.

Then during visitation a woman comes to window dressed like well lets just say she did not have everything covered that needed covering so I would not let her visit. She got rather unraveled about it and it’s a good thing for her that Ms Pearl did not join her in the lobby because I have a feeling she would have been inside the bars instead of just visiting.

Anyway the day was finally over and I came home wanting to soak for hours in the tub but by the time I fed the animals around here and was taking my boots off the door bell rang. It was my baby brother Gary and his girlfriend Sherry. I always love seeing them but boy I was tired. I felt really bad because to tell you the truth I was not much company. I guess I was so boring that every once in a while they would give each other a little kiss or two and I was like alright already get a room but not here…..hahaha. No I was just tired but glad they stopped by even though it was 11 before I got to turn in. Maybe I was a tad jealous too because I was turning in with Tinkerbell the cat. Who knows!

So this morning I thought if I did a post maybe it would inspire me to get up off my lazy dooper as my grandbabies will not let me say butt and get my chores done. Wish me luck…not sure if I can force myself on the tractor or not but guess I have no choice.

Hope all of you have a wonderful week.

Love to all


The only difference

between a rut and a

grave is the depth.


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