Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Is Good!

What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.
Do you see pictures and try to put words with them? This is one of those pictures you could easily put a lot of words together to describe what the poor kitty is thinking!
Have you ever felt like you have too much weighing you down or some body is always sticking their butt where it doesn't belong. (sorry couldn't resist that one) hahaha

I know I have but that was before I met all of you!
Now no matter how big the problem is in my life I know that you guys are out there for me. And I am so grateful for all of you! So thank you for stopping by and checking on me again.
Today started out cold and windy and I thought it was February again. I thought OH NO not cold weather again. But by noon this is what I saw
beautiful fields of blue bonnets our state flower of Texas! They are all over the fields now where I live. We were hoping for more of them Saturday so the kids could take pictures in them but it was too soon. They are here now.Along with fields of Indian Paint Brushes.

I don't have to tell you when it got warmer what I had to do....yes mow and mow....I mowed way in the back fields so I would not disturb these fields of wild flowers. The field I was mowing in had not been cut yet this Spring so the grass was high. I was using ole John Deere to mow with and I ran over a big stone and it bounced me so high that only by the grace of God did I manage to grab hold of something and not fall completely off the tractor. I did fall off the seat....but was able to get back on it pretty quick before I ran into a tree. I felt like an idiot but thats how quickly accidents happen. Thank goodness this story had a Happy Ending too. hahaha  Of course when 3:30 am comes in the morning I may not be able to get out of bed.
Its my weekend to work at the Sheriffs Office and I am praying that it is a slow weekend but I have a feeling that before its over I will feel like that poor kitty in the picture above.

The state of Georgia is known for its Georgia Peaches and one of them that I love is Susan at Art of Mine. She received this sweet award for her lovely site and has sent this to me for my blog. I am always surprised when someone gives me an award. Thank you Susan for thinking of me. Susan is fairly new in blogland but the short time she has been on here she has made a huge impact on my life. I have talked to Susan on the phone several times and each time I hang up with the biggest smile on my face. She is a sweetheart that you will instantly love. Please go by and say hello to Susan at Art of Mine.
If you accept this award you have to tell seven things about yourself that no one knows about yourself in blogland. Well since I am a open book on here that is a challenge.  You would not believe the seven things Susan shared on her site. Good grief they make mine look so small.. hahaha
1.  Growing up I was terribly shy. Actually did not come out of it until my late twenties.
2.  I once owned my own Ceramic Shop and loved it.
3.  I was lucky enough to spend a summer on Lake Michigan and flew there on a private jet!
4.  I worked for the prison system here in Texas for 15 years and guarded the worse serial killer in Texas history. (At the time we did not know he was a serial killer) 
5.  Growing up I have always dreamed of being a pilot like Amelia.
6. My dream when I got older was to write a novel. I still wish for this.
7. My daughter and I both suffer with the horrible painful muscle disease Fibromyalgia!

Our Lovely Donna of the blog Brynwood Needleworks, received this beautiful Sunshine award, and I'm one of the ladies she's passing it to.  Once again, I am shocked that someone does this for me. Thank you Donna!

Donna is one of those ladies that seem to pull it all together so effortlessly. She intrigues me how many projects she takes on and completes in a short time.  Her biggest project going on now is a wedding dress that is absolutely gorgeous and I am in awe of anyone that even sews a flower girls dress much less the brides gown...On top of all this she and Handsome (her hubby) ride Harleys.  I adore Donna and truly love her. If you have not met Donna please take the time to do so at Brynwood Needlworks.


I am very grateful for these two awards and as in the past there is no way I can pick a few bloggers to pass on these awards too. Please don't think bad of me but I have done this before and it is just too hard on me. So please all of you that are reading this now please take one of these for your site and enjoy it as much as I am enjoying them. Also if you take the Kreative one please tell us seven things we do not know about you.

I have another great Blogazine story for all of you so come back for that great story! Also I need to show you what I bought at Warrenton. I did find something that I would like to give in a giveaway sometime in the future.

Sweet dreams



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