Friday, April 2, 2010

Ms Pearl Needs Your Prayers and The Winner Is!

Before I tell you the latest about Ms Pearl lets talk about something good like who
is the winner of the Paula Deen pans!
What a time I had figuring up the head count for this giveaway....five extra points was confusing will not do that me still bent over like a Willow Tree. No seriously my back is somewhat better today but will have to mow probably by tomorrow because yes it rained here again....

These giveaways are so much fun but I actually stress myself out waiting for the day to pick a winner...then I want everyone to win so that is stressful...but using the Random Generator thing is so much better than writing everyones name down.  I was so excited that yes I did the Random Generator thing at right after the deadline at midnight. lol

A very kind lady won this and if she will just email me her address to then CSN will mail her Paul Deen pans to her.

and the lucky winner is Diane of  Crafty Passions! I was reading Dianes comment and April Fools day was her birthday so Happy Birthday to you and this will be a nice belated birthday gift. Hope you enjoy it Diane and thanks for entering.

Thank you everyone for entering my first sponsored giveaway! I hope that they will ask me to do another one sometime. They do have lots of things on their website to drool over so it was nice to have them sponsor this for all of you. I wanted to enter

You guys are just so sweet to me because all through  this giveaway I had Paul Deen on my sidebar spelled Paula Dean and no one corrected me. I did not notice it until a few days ago and by then being so late I left it. Sorry Ms. Deen for not knowing how to spell your name. (Like she would be reading my site) hahahaha

I am ashamed to write this next part. Yes Ms. Pearl showed herself and she needs your prayers to keep her mouth shut! The only thing she did do that I am so thankful for is she did not hit the woman. Good gosh I could just see me on the other side of the bars trying to get out. Not good!

This story took place at my home in town that I have rented out. Please do not think I am proud of this I am not and it has made me loose two nights of sleep.

 You see as most of you know when my dirt bag hubby left me for his ska_ _, (theres Ms Pearl again) I had to move out of my lovely home in town to live in the country. Don't get me wrong I am blessed to live in this ole farm house but it is not mine.....Anyway I rented my home out in town to a very nice couple who were building their dream home. So the first year was fine having renters but OMG ever since as been like something out of a Steven King movie....pure horror. The renters I have now pay me I suppose by putting the numbers 1 thru 31 in the Random Generator and whatever day comes up they send me a check. Well if I could afford to do that I would live in the lovely home instead. So Ms Renter calls and says she will be paying me April 22 instead of April 1st and I told her that was totally unacceptable and she hung up on me. Well fine who wanted to talk to someone that dumb anyway. So I type up a letter telling her if she could not pay by the 5th she could move out by the 10th....please don't think bad of me but this couple have been doing this to me for 8 months and the last two checks they gave me bounced higher than my butt does on that darn tractor. Long story short I take her the letter by my house and she refused to take the letter so I explained to her what was in it and the reasons for it. I also explained to her if she paid on time for once she could stay but the house was going up for sale immediately.

Let me tell you for about thirty minutes I thought I was dealing with one of the crazy people in jail. She went completely left on me and I was thinking oh my gosh I rented to a real idiot.....This fool was waving her arms and hands like she was trying to learn some new wild native dance all the time screaming in my face and almost hitting me. I actually almost grabbed her one time out of my law enforcement training and slam her to the ground...thank God  I realized I was not a work.What caused Ms. Pearl to surface was when I turned to leave the woman said, "Well at least I still have a Husband!".....where in the world did that come from what in the devil did it have to do with our conversation....Whoa Ms. Pearl calm your big self down because God knows girlfriend Maggie can't go to jail for hitting this woman....don't get me wrong I have never hit anyone but boy Ms Pearl sure wanted to and it took a lot of will power to hold her down! What I said to her I am totally ashamed of Ms Pearl said, "You mean the looser your married too!" Totally uncalled for on my part and I am angry for saying such a horrible thing.

It bothered me all of last night thinking that I had words with this woman and that the reason in the first place that I rented to her was she went to my brothers church and I thought she was a good Christian woman but believe me the words she used yesterday were not coming from a Christian. I am no saint but thank goodness I did not react like her or use the lanuage that she used on me. Boy where is a bar of soap when you need it.

Anyway when I left there she told me that she knew the law and the system and she would live in my house for at least 45 days without paying me rent. Can you imagine! Yes there are people like that who are users.

Well praise God she phoned me this morning and told me they would be out by the 10th but did not know where they were moving too. She also said She was sorry that we exchanged words yesterday!.....I told my sister-in-law Linda about it soon after my renter called me and Linda said, "Oh my gosh I prayed just last night asking God to reach down and touch this woman and make her realize how wrong she was for acting like that and that I knew she went to a good church and to help her."  Linda just could not believe that God had answered her prayers so quickly. I then grabbed Linda hugged her and said, "Ok Linda now tonight when your down on your knees you pray that my home will sale super fast!"

One of the hardest things for me to do was ask a family to move out in such short notice but if I could afford those big house payments I would live there myself. Of course, I might have cut off my nose to spite my face because now there will not be help making payments but I do have the power of prayer.

I think giving up my home was almost as hard on me as giving up what I considered my best friend for 25 years. It was hard very hard packing up years of memories into boxes and moving into someone elses home. My home was full of antiques I had collected over the years and now they are scattered to I don't know how many different homes of family members because this ole farm house could not hold them all. I have learned though it took me several years to do so that God has a reason for me out here taking care of the North Forty....never in my life would I have thought at my age I would deal with inmates and run a ranch but here I am bouncing on a John Deere and trying my best to keep Ms. Pearl in lockdown. hahaha

As far as selling the home I love it is just a memory now and one that I know I can not have back so please pray that house sells and to someone that loved it like I did.

I hope all of you have a wonderful blessed Easter weekend. We are so lucky to have each other in blog land to wish a Happy Easter too. What a blessing all of you are! My son Clint is bringing my two grandbabies to see me Saturday so I have lots to do to get Kaci and Baileys Easter ready for them. They are just spending the day but thats okay my DL has her mom and dad who lives near her in Austin who I know she wants to get back and spend Sunday with them. I take what I time I can get with my little darlings.

Happy Easter everyone and love to all of you



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