Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Day Was A Little Bit of Heaven!

Hello Everyone and a very Happy Easter to all of you my dear sweet friends. My babies came yesterday to the North Forty and what a time ole Grandmayellowhair had playing with these two.
Kaci spent a lot of time picking wild flowers and wanted me to give them to my friends I told her about that I had met on here!

Of course, we had to do some picture taking in between the flower picking!

One set she picked for all of you and other for her Grandmayellowhair. So please enjoy your pretty wild flowers picked on the North Forty!

Tinkerbell spent most of her day under my bed....Kaci found her treats and tempted her out  and managed somehow to get a hug or two for the treats......

Don't let this picture of Bailey fool you!

This was the first time he slowed down all day. His mom made him change into his Easter clothes so she could take a few was taken at the guest house ...or should I say Play House now. He and Kaci claimed it for their new playhouse this summer...
Bailey played one game after another all day....wore me out! After this game of Latter Ball we played baseball and then hunted more Easter Eggs and then more Easter Eggs....All in all it was a prefect day for being Grandmayellowhair!

Today I can barely walk but what a blessing to wake up on Easter Sunday tired from playing with you two grandbabies.  This morning I thought of all of you and prayed that your weekend was blessed with love like this and that God touched you like he has touched me.
I also realized last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen that if it had not been for all of you out here in my world of blogging I never would of appreciated and enjoyed the day I had yesterday as much as I did.
Not sure I can tell you exactly what I mean but these past six months with all of you has brought me to a place where I have been wanting to be for a long while now. You all are such a bright star to my days and have made me realize how lucky I am. So thanks to your kindness and the love you have all shown me I was able to totally let go yesterday and just love the moment.  I sincerely believe in all my heart that if I had not been communicating with all of you this day would not have meant near as much to me as it did.
From the bottom of my heart thank you all for being who you are and please know that I love all of you!
Happy Easter!


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