Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Lisa from the Davis Diaglogues

Hi everyone!

I pray you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Kaci and Bailey called last night and wanted to know how many eggs the Easter Bunny left hidden in my yard for me and Tinkerbell. hahahaha

I so loved reading all of your sweet comments about mine. As always my friends on here are no doubt the best in the world!

My next Blogazine story was written by Lisa. Her blog is called Davis Diaglogues. Lisa wants to tell you a love story and since it is spring we are all up for a love story especially one with a happy ending!

Disclaimer, *I am not a writer*. I am a crafter, I sew, I paint, I like to make stuff.I’d like to tell you about my love story. After 28 years… my x-husband left us. As weird as it sounds… I didn’t see it coming. Guess I just wouldn’t see that, not my family…..I didn’t believe in divorce.. and……denial is not just a river in Egypt.

So, my girls told me not to worry that I would find someone to love me, ha ha. What is it that they say? …that finding someone after 30 .. you were more likely to be hijacked? Well I was WAY past 30.

But … amazing enough it did happen.

I didn’t really think I’d find love at an old age. (ok older age) Basically I was just living day to day with my girls, keeping a smile on my face. After 3 months of physical exhaustion in fixing up our house, we sold it and were now living in an apartment. The three of us girls. I thought a vacation was the least I could do to cheer up our spirits.

I worked at an office where I called on stores to see if they needed any deliveries of our products. I had made lots of friends on the phone in the 4 different states I called. I had been doing this for almost 3 years. I had a couple of guys that I got along with and stayed on the phone with them just a little bit longer to exchange jokes and talk about our kids (who were the same age). One of the guys called me out of the blue (after a 9 month hiatus. he wasn’t on my list anymore). He told me that he had just gotten divorced. Well I certainly know how awful THAT is. He also wanted to know if I was ever going to come up to the Seattle area. Welllllll …just the day before …I had booked a vacation for my girls and we had a day and a half layover in Seattle. So we said that we would get together, oh… and exchange email addresses, oh …and exchange pictures too!

So, we did, and we talked thru email for a couple of days, and IM chat for a day, and then phone calls every night till our vacation (15 days later) when we actually met in person and went out to dinner. We laugh that there were fireworks (ok it was July 2nd a Friday night and someone was shooting off fireworks) But seriously, there were sparks. He then came down to San Francisco and visited and I went back to Seattle, and then he came to San Francisco and we got engaged and before you knew it (6 months after meeting face to face) we were married and “MOM” did the empty nest thing and moved 2 states away and left my college girls in CA.

Except for the leaving my girls, I’ve never been happier. 5 years later it is still like a dream and our cute love story will always bring back such warm fuzzy feelings. Finding love ‘later in life’ is like a very rich dark chocolate, totally worth savoring and hoping we can make it last a very long time. Yum yum

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checkout my blog:  http://davisdialogues.blogspot.com/

Thank goodness for Happy Endings! I appreciate you for sharing your story with all us and I know that everyone will enjoy checking out your site.

Want to see your story in my Blogazine. Then just send it to me like Lisa did to grandmayellowhairsblogazine@gmail.com

Looking forward to sharing the next story with all of you. As always I adore you for stopping by and visiting and hope your all having a great week.

Love to all



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