Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jo from My Grammas Soul on Blogazine!

Good morning everyone. First off, I want to thank Maggie for allowing me to share her space today. Some of my story is more on the serious side and I was a little hesitant to share it.....but Maggie gave me the green light -- so here goes.

My name is Josette, Jo for short, and my blog is My Grama's Soul, dedicated to my maternal grandmother.

I started blogging in the fall of last year because I wanted to learn how to use the computer. That was what I told myself....but I think there was another reason. It was because of all he beauty and positive energy being spread around. I wanted to be part of that.

You see, I'm the daughter of alcoholics and the mother of chemically addicted adult children. I, myself, have been in recovery for 27 years and am grateful for everyday; but I have watched this disease destroy my family.

I recently read a quote that said "A mother is only as happy as her happiest child". Well I want to prove them wrong. Some days I'm sad, but most days I soar with the eagles.

I have my loving husband, my beautiful dog "Sophie" and a 6 year old grandson that I simply adore.

Life is difficult, and in my book, anyone who survives it is a "HERO"

With my grama's wisdom and God's guidance I hope my blog spreads beauty and joy where it is needed.



Blessings dear friends,



My Grammas Soul

As always I appreciate my wonderful friends for doing their stories. I know it took a lot of courage for Jo to tell us her story! Jo has a wonderful site and I have just recently been lucky enough to be able to enjoy her writings.

Everyone has a story to tell and that is why I do these post for those of you who want to share your story. Remember just send your story to grandmayellowhairsblogazine@gmail.com and I will be honered to post it for you.

I hope you had a wonderful day Sunday for Mothers Day. My weekend was really nice and will post pictures later this week. If I wasn't hurting so bad I would of done a post on my Mother's Day and also one about  Ms.Pearl coming out for a short time Monday morning. Once again I am not proud of it but I was hurting so bad and depressed over missing so much work that I did something I am not proud of and will of course have to share it with you. I hate it when I do something that I regret and it involves the my idiot ex's wife. Yep Ms Pearl reared her angry butt opps I mean dooper.

I had to return to the doctor today and she said my back was swollen twice the size it should be and she needed to schedule me for a MRI. So that is where I am now. She of course would not release me for work but I could not go even if she had because of the pain. Boy am I mad at myself for whatever the heck I have done to my body. Hopefully they will call me tomorrow and I can get the MRI over with an see what is going on with me.

Miss you and visiting your sites. I am not on here very much but will make it up to you soon.  Don't forget I have a giveaway coming up soon.

Now where is that pain medicine....

Sweet Dreams



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