Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Shoot Me!

Before my drugged up mind wanders off to something else I want to thank you for all the Happy B-Day wishes and sweet comments. Can not believe another year has passed so fast. The best thing about this year is finding all of you! I forgot to tell you how many candles were on my cake!

Thank goodness I don’t have web cam because if you could see me now you would hit the off button faster than Steve Martin did in the movie It’s Complicated.

My daughter, Christi bought the movie for me when she came here to take care of me. Little did she know that it hurts for me to laugh….and laugh you will when you watch this crazy movie. It’s after 3 in the afternoon and I look like the girl in the bed of the movie Exorcist remember the one where her head spins around….yep that’s how bad I look. Hurting so bad today I have not bothered to comb my hair or put on make up and for me that just does not happen but maybe every 30 years ….hahaha

Thursday afternoon Ms. Pearl came out and called my Doctor, Human Resources and my Sgt to tell them if they did not get me some help with this pain I was coming after them….well I did not quite say that but they got the idea because Friday morning the clinic finally called me and they scheduled me for three MRI’s on Monday. One for the brain (lets hope they can find it) and two for different areas of the spine. How I can manage three of these test one after another will be another story. Just so relieved that at least they might be able to find out what is going on. What got Ms. Pearl going is I called the clinic to see if they had scheduled my MRI yet and they said NO that workman’s comp had not approved it yet. When you think your dying you do not want to hear those words.

What has our world turned into that we are so insensitive to someone in pain that they won’t do anything unless it has been approved. Boy I tell you we need to all stand up (well maybe in a week or two) and fight for our rights….our country is sliding off into a heap of crap that we may never climb out of.

Anyway what was I saying before I got carried away with insurance and doctors. Oh yeah I was telling you how stinky and ugly I am today. Hahaha… I have done a number on this ole bod of mine and my mind sometimes gets carried away while I am lying there trying to figure out what have I done to myself. All I know is not being able to get up and do anything for more than ten minutes at a time is for the birds….as always I say be careful what you wish for because I had been wanting some rest.

Oh the two grumpy ole men did show up Friday and mow for me….they found out what happened at work and drove from Livingston to make the place look better. I felt bad them mowing and me lying in bed but it did take a big load off knowing the place looks better. I know your thinking ok Mags your going to have to make it up to them when you get better. lol

In the last few days I have gotten the nicest and sweetest cards and gifts from friends and when Christi gets here.  I will get her to take pictures of them so I can show you. I can not thank you enough for all your get well wishes. This too shall pass and I can get back to enjoying all of your sites. I miss all of you more than anything.

You know I can truly relate to this!

Now off to the bathtub before Tinkerbell refuses to even sleep with me!
Oh if you have not signed up for my B-Day giveaway be sure and do so. It ends at the end of May.

Love to all


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