Friday, May 7, 2010

A Lot to Share Today!

Let me start this post by thanking you for being my friend. When I made the decision last May to start Just Between Me and You it was because I needed to keep a journal. Like most things I do it started very slowly only doing a post now and then. It was around October when I realized that since no one was reading these post I could really cut loose and be more myself. Then one day there was a comment and then another day there was a follower. In the next six months I found all of you and my whole life changed in a way that honestly I thought was over in my life. I found love again. You have made be feel extra special, beautiful and loved.

As I struggled with my latest accident you stepped up and responded to me in way that brought me closer to you and to God. I have always believed everything happens for a reason and my reason for connecting with you was to bring me to where I am now which is closer to our Lord Savior than I have been since my divorce. I feel in my heart that without you I would not be at the point of my life I am now. You have given me a peace that I have been searching for a long time now. Thank you for being you!

You truly deserve all the peace and happiness you have given me and I pray that you find it. Just click on my friends on the side bar and find some of the coolest beautiful people in blogland you will ever find.

I have good news and bad news to write about and could not decide which I should mention first. I decided on the bad so I could end on a happy note.

My incredible daughter, Christi phoned me yesterday afternoon and told me that she had just left her doctors office and had been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. This was a shock to me and seriously it has still not soaked in. I was familiar with this disease only because a few weeks after my granddaughter Kaci, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes the doctors thought she had this disease too. Thank God her test was negative on Celiacs but of course she will be a diabetic the rest of her life or until we are all blessed with a cure.

Celiacs is the disease where you have to live on a gluten free diet. It will be an enormous challenge for Christi but she told me if Kaci could live with 5 shots a day and all the blood testing each day then she could do it.

As a mother, I would give anything that they were wrong and she would not have to live this way but of course it could be worse diagnoses. Christi and I both have the muscle disease Fibromyalgia and from what I have read this Celiacs disease is common with people suffering with Fibromyalgia. I told Christi this morning that I would do my best to go Gluten free too. It is overwhelming not knowing where to start but get started she must and I think it would be the healthy way for me to go also. She has to be in shock herself because this is a very very strict diet.

If any of you live Gluten free or know anyone that does please ask them to email me. As always I know that you will pray for Christi as you have prayed for me these last six months. What a true blessing you are to me.

Now for the good news. This is a super story that I am too excited to share with you. Yesterday Libbie at The Middlest Sister left me a comment telling me that Annie, her precious daughter was in the magazine Good Housekeeping. Wow!!! Can you imagine being written about in such an amazing popular magazine. If you remember I did a story about sweet Annie saving Haiti one bead at a time with making and selling her bracelets for the children of Haiti. It’s amazing what one can do to make a difference in our world but what is really amazing is Annie is in kindergarten. She and her family including her Aunt Kate have been busy making these bracelets and generously donating the money to that devastated country.

Annie congratulations to you and your mom for such a wonderful fantastic article in Good Housekeeping. I had to of course buy my copy and loved reading all about you. Actually I am in awe of you!

Libbie wrote a great post about it so be sure and check it out. Just think in the last few months we have had two blogging friends in popular magazines. Dan at Yesterday Once More home was listed in Country Sampler and now Libbie, Annie and Kate. Way to go!

It has been a pain staking two weeks but being able to lie down often has been a big help. Some times the pain takes my breath away but when I think about how I could be laying in a hospital with a broken neck then the pain is bearable. I go back to the doctor next Tues on the 11th and hopefully they will release me for work even though I have concerns of working the 12 hour shifts. Reading your cards and comments has been the greatest relief and looking at these gorgeous flowers that precious Susan at Art of Mine sent to me has been such a blessing.

My plans were to have a giveaway for Mothers Day but after the accident I decided to wait. My birthday is next week so I think I will announce it that day. I had wanted to share something from Warrenton with you!

Also thank you Angie for doing your story! I know that everyone enjoyed it as I did. While resting this past week I thought of how I missed doing the Temptation Mondays post. So if any of you want to list your lovely items on a Temptation Monday just email them to me.

All of you are everything I want me to be inside and out. I love you all and pray for each of you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Now back to bed so I can be ready for my sons Chad and Clint to visit tomorrow!

Love to all!



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