Friday, May 28, 2010

Roy Not Brad!

You are not gong to believe this story but it happened I guess two days after the toilet paper accident.

Roy (one of the Grumpier Ole Men) came by to tell me goodbye and to ask if I needed anything. He was returning home after mowing out here for about three days.

We were sitting at my round table near the front door and all of sudden he yells well maybe not yells but it sounded like a yell. OMG I forgot to zip my pants and then he reaches down and zips up real fast. Disgusting! I of course did not know what to say but Ms. Pearl said, “Well Roy it seems we are even now! You don’t tell anyone about the toilet paper trail and I won’t tell anyone about you walking around unzipped!” The look on his face was price less but hey when you have a chance to half way save your reputation you take it Right? Hahaha I can not tell you how thank ful I was that I did not see anything. Oh Good Lord ....later I told Christi you read these novels about women starting their lives over and the prefect man moves in next door and so on and so on but NO I get Roy not Brad!

Christi was so thankful that she was at the local Coffee Shop catching up on some work on the internet and was not here to answer the door. Then she had the nerve to say, “You too sound like a good match!” I told her when I am back to normal she will regret putting that out in the universe.

My long lost world traveler of a friend Sharon returned Monday and took me to another Neurosurgeon in College Station. (Remember the one that bought Warrenton out)

Well wish you could have seen us. She was dressed like she stepped out of some New York magazine shoot and I was not even good enough to pose for Good Will shoots. But at least when the doc came in the exam room he knew who to go to…hahaha

He did not have too much to add from the other doctor. He is going to send me to Physical Therapy when I can move around more and to a Pain Management Doctor.

I was hoping he was going to have a miracle cure for me but he was fresh out of those.

Bed rest and different pain pills! I am starting to have a pharmacy over at my house with pain pills. He wants me on Vacodin not sure how you spell it and Valium …not happy about these two but told him I would try it. Actually it is what I turned down from the other Neurosurgeon. (Sharon punched me when I tried to turn down the Valium)

So that is pretty well where I am now. I did manage to ride over to CS which is 45 minutes without passing out on Sharon which is something I feared. She’s lost so much weight running from country to country she would of broke something trying to catch me.

He did tell me that I could prop myself up more than 7 minutes at a time on here…he too thought Christi was a nurse from some Third World Country.

Clint was a sweetheart while he was my nurse. Could not talk him into blogging but when he arrived he was loaded down with soups, crackers, tuna fish, Vienna sausage (lol) and of course cookies and Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh and would you believe Toilet Paper. I guess he heard about how I waste it. He also worked on my house in town that I have not been able to work on since the renters from Hell moved out…we are putting it up with a realtor this next week and giving it away to the lowest bidder. So if you need a nice home in Texas just email me.

I guess I was hoping for him to tell me no nothing is broken just get back up go to work and mow til you drop. But soon that will be in my schedule.

Just wanted to let you know that Maggie is here and moving back and forth to the bed and bathroom but slowly. Also I have not forgotten about my giveaway that ends soon. If I can get someone to take pictures of what I have put in your box then I will post it before then.

I was very excited last night because I slept for the first time in days. I guess the trip wore me out.

Ok back to bed and the ice pack and my view of the ceiling....I hate this ceiling fan does not go with my bedroom ...any suggestions about what I could do with it...besides clean needs a poofy touch right

Love to all



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